Sunday, August 21, 2011

We missed the Bennett reunion (sad)..but the kids and I made it safely back to Geof. without me (and the children) losing my/our sanity (too much). Geof. wrote up our family newsletter and I thought I'd share:

Well hello fellow Bennett family members. It seems like only last year I was not attending the family
reunion with all of you. Of course we wish we could be with you, but we’ll hope for next year. Since last
we didn’t speak we’ve been same old, same old. I’ll give you the quick rundown.

June: Age, 4; Height, short; Voice, beautiful. We can sit and listen to her sing and watch her show us
ballet moves all day long. The girl was born to perform and so that’s what she does. We don’t even
need a radio or television, just a June. The girl is sunlight in the flesh, I believe that there couldn’t be a
cuter little caboose to our family.

Dayne: Age, 6; Height, middleish; Voice, husky. Dayne is continually coloring pictures for us and making
up stories that keep us all entertained. Her mother and I are concerned that most her stories already
center around boys. We’re looking into local convents she could live in until 20 or so. Her hugs and
smiles keep our family going. Dayne enjoyed her first year of school and is looking forward to 1st grade
to start shortly.

Cole : Age, 8; Height, shorter than Marilyn’s kids; Voice, boyish. Cole has had a year of playing and
responsibility, intermingled. He has been a good big brother and has been a big help to his mother and
me. This year he pretty much dominated soccer where most weeks he performed a hat trick. Some
weeks his coach would have to pull him out so that he would stop scoring. He was also baptized, and
was glad to have his grandma/pa Bennett and Uncle Adam and Aunt Mindi come out for the event. The
kid IS energy and we do our best to keep up with him.

Darla: Age, 29ish; Height, ish; Voice, wonderful. Darla has had a busy year. We bought a little house in
Richmond and she has been beautifying it in between trips. Recently she was able to go visit New York
with a friend and returned home in time to re pack and head off for the west coast with the kids, for a
month. In that time she has stayed in Utah, Oregon, and Washington. I really didn’t think I had married
my mom but there are some things that just stay with you. This year she completed the final classes to
receive her associates’ degree (did he really need to mention this? It's actually slightly embarrassing that after 14 years I still only have my associates. Come on!) She has directed a stake youth choir and helped feed/entertain the city.
I’m kind of overwhelmed by what she is able to do.

Geof.: Age, ailing; Height, shorter than Marilyn; Voice, dry. It’s been a good year. I was able to run my
first half marathon. I also have been able to go on vacation by proxy with my family. I feel like each
time I pay the bills it’s as though I was actually in that distant fun city, or eating that food. We were
able to take a trip down south in May to meander through the lovely street of Charleston S.C., and
stroll down the lazy streets of Savannah, GA.. This past month I was able to go with our stake youth to
Kirtland, OH. which was a life enhancing experience. I am blessed to have a family that I feel is perfect.

We’re sad we couldn’t get to the reunion to see you all and I am hoping that we can make it next year.
Please, please if you have an inkling of visiting the east come out and stay with us. I hope you are all

Much love,

The Geoffrey, Darla, Cole, Dayne, and June Bennett family.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missin' him..

We're ready to go home. Just a little over a day left. Have had so much fun but the kids and I are exhausted and ready to be with Geof. And he with us. Poor guy has been alone for a month while we've been playing. Boy do I love the west, though. Miss having mountains so close and air you can breathe (all the way) in, and a sky that goes on forever. But now it's time to get back.

And it'll be fun to be in my NEW HOUSE again!!!