Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 2014..already??!

Cole is 12!! He has already gone to three mutual activities and we're so excited for him to receive the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday. What a blessing for a man to be given a power from God to bless the lives of others. I hope Cole feels a change in his life and a desire to be GOoD.  He has had such a busy school year so far. Spent six weeks in WA this summer after 5th grade graduation, played in CA and Utah and started middle school off with a bang!! Tried out for soccer, decided to do cross country, broke his arm at sky zone trampoline park, ran anyway, and made it to the county wide meet (oh, and he also rocked rec soccer, as usual). He also started cello this year and although he feels very behind bc of his broken arm, he's pushing himself and I'm sure we'll be great soon. He has a new appreciation for piano now...saying it's "easy" and he "loves it". Nice...
Middle school homework has been quite the adjustment with the introduction to multiple teachers and classrooms and "chromebooks", but he (and his parents) are figuring it out...slowly but surely.

Dayne is in 4th grade and is totally social and a relatively easy, self entertained girl. She misses homeschooling (so do I), but loves to give GIVE to her friends and with her new duct taping PASSION,  she's always creating new crafts to gift her friends and teachers. Wallets, flower pens,  back packs,  purses, bracelets. name it. She and June just started dance, and along with Cole, are also doing bball for the winter and continue with piano. Dayne's getting really good at piano. Unlike me, she can play by ear really well and enjoys memorizing songs. She seems to really like piano...especially if I'm not bugging her to play the right notes or get her timing down. .

June. Little June is not so little. Her clothes are all too small and I can barely hold her anymore!! She's feeling more confident in reading and her teachers all adore her. She and Daddy have bonded quite a bit the last few months. .dancing and singing and playing together. Lucky girls have such a good daddy.June is excited to be starting piano and also is getting ready to perform again in Bon Air's talent show.

Geof and the thick of our kids' busy schedule. Feeling okay with it at this point bc it's winter, but will be ready for a change when the weather improves. I recently got my real estate license after lots of studying and hope to be able to help Geof and my uncle Glen flip some homes. If I have a knack for it. ..I might do it for other people as well..