Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Steve's visit and a lot of pics!

My sister Amy's husband Steve was in D.C. on business all last week and made the trip down Thurs. to play with us for the day. Here's the photo documentary to prove it. Wish I was more clever and could type up some funny post to make you and myself laugh years later. Not happening. I was thinking today while folding clothes that I should take a writing class since I'm always without words to express. It drives me crazy! And, it would be fun. So, we'll see. I have so many classes to take..

thought I'd get a pic of the guys on the couch with my finished wall. Whatd'ya think? Tacky? I like it and plan on adding a few more pics and some blue accent pillows. Not just any blue...kind of a grey/green blue. See wreath below. See the little bit of blue in there? That's the color I wanna bring out. We painted two walls a light mustardy yellow and the other two beige. Turned out nice.

Steve went with Geof. to do a few jobs and they came back STARVING, so we took Steve to our new favorite restaurant downtown, Bottoms Up Pizza. You know the one right next to the train? Yummy, YUMMY pizza and a relaxing atmosphere. Especially with kids!
Oh Cole! You're happy, admit it! Such a Geof face.
You want this straw mom, right?
Steve!! Steve married Amy when I was 13, I believe. He's kind of like a father/older brother figure to me. He and Amy have been so great to us.

I was happy the train came by when we finished up eating. The kids LOVED it!

June really loved the treat of going out with mom and dad. They were doing some construction/remodeling on the balcony where we ate...June didn't mind. We kept having to pull her out of the "construction zone".
We took a walk down by the river canal afterward. We knew Steve was impressed because he told me NOT to bring Amy down when she comes to visit next week. He didn't want her getting any ideas on moving here..
We'll see, Steve!
Cole (and now Dayne) are obsessed with bugs! Ever since Cole was little, he'd lay on the driveway looking for bugs. Now, when we go to the pool, he spends more time slowly, cautiously, creeping around trying to catch dragonflies. It's hysterical, because other kids will notice and come barging up to play and they always scare away his prey. Can I say that, prey? Whatever...the thing he's trying to catch. Better? Anyway, so here they were looking at some spider crawling on the railing. Lucky for them, we find at least one cockroach a day in our house. We have more caulking to do in the bathroom (there's some huge holes in the floorboards that the landlord didn't care to fix) that'll hopefully keep the bugs out.

Almost 2 June refused the stroller and NO WAY was she gonna be held. It was the longest walk ever..and pretty humid at that!
Another reason why Geof. is the favorite.
Some cool monument thingee that Geof. knows the history behind. I just like the turquoise cross. Love turquoise.

Oh my goodness, were the girls thrilled to find this fountain (Cole was too, might I add..he just had to use the restroom)! Sorry about the underwear shot of Dayne. Don't wanna to o-f-f-e-n-d.
Yes, June DID throw the biggest fit when we pealed her off of the fountain edge (it was 8:45 for peets sake!).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our pool

We spend a great deal of time here..and I'm sure even more when the sun gets hotter. Richmond's funny, it's hot all morning and early afternoon, and then the storm clouds come in as soon as I'm ready to take the kids swimming. We don't mind. Last week we were the only family there! It was fabulous.
Baby pool, lifeguard and all! I can just sit and read my smutty magazines ALL day if I want. Not even one glance up to check on the beebs. (;

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to Geof.! Check out his moment of fame here. You're gonna have to click on the video. They forgot to post the important stuff in the interview, (he was on the news when approached at a gas station about rising gas prices), like the fact that it's driven up because of speculation, there's no reason for gas to be high now, demand for fuel is low and we have high surpluses of fuel in 1st world countries, yet they're still raising the price of fuel. They said the reason the price of gas went up last year was because India was demanding a lot more fuel. That's not the case now! So, what's up?!
In other news... Happy Father's Day to my dad. (: I have the poorest memory in the world. It's actually something I'm pretty concerned about but too lazy right now to do anything about. I do remember how loving my dad was. Very affectionate. He always wanted a hug or kiss, which I most often complained about, and sadly, didn't always give in to. I'm sorry dad! Now that I'm married to a man who also appreciates affection (it's his primary way of showing love), I realize how much you needed that. I do love you and wish we were closer. You worked so hard to keep a very comfortable roof over our head and that's something else I didn't come to appreciate until now. Wow. It's not easy being a provider. Hope you have a wonderful day enjoying that beautiful state of California.
And lastly, I really appreciated our lesson in Relief Society today. I think this quote fits today's celebration of fatherhood.
“The great designs of God in relation to the salvation of the human family, are very little understood by the professedly wise and intelligent generation in which we live. Various and conflicting are the opinions of men concerning the plan of salvation, the [requirements] of the Almighty, the necessary preparations for heaven, the state and condition of departed spirits, and the happiness or misery that is consequent upon the practice of righteousness and iniquity according to their several notions of virtue and vice. …
“… While one portion of the human race is judging and condemning the other without mercy, the Great Parent of the universe looks upon the whole of the human family with a fatherly care and paternal regard; He views them as His offspring, and without any of those contracted feelings that influence the children of men, causes ‘His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.’ [Matthew 5:45.] He holds the reins of judgment in His hands; He is a wise Lawgiver, and will judge all men, not according to the narrow, contracted notions of men, but, ‘according to the deeds done in the body whether they be good or evil,’ or whether these deeds were done in England, America, Spain, Turkey, or India. He will judge them, ‘not according to what they have not, but according to what they have’.." Teachings of Joseph Smith, Chap.35- "Redemption for the Dead"

To know that my God, my Father, judges me with a perfect love, and sees me with spiritual eyes, rather than the natural eyes of man, brings with it a calmness and assurance that I can continue in this life. I thank Him for that knowledge and blessing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

family, early mornings, and tantrums

My close to perfect SIL Mindi (sorry Mind, but it's true!) gave me the idea to make this family poster for fhe on Monday. We chose a family motto: "If you want to be happy, be", by Theo whateverhislastnameis, a scripture: Mosiah 2:41, and then cut out pics of what makes us happy as a family. It turned out okay. Geof. was half asleep throughout the whole event (he's come down with something), but the kids loved it. Check out Mindi's. Great post to go along with it, as well. Thank you for the great idea, sister! I think we'll try and do these more often. I came home from running an errand yesterday and asked Geof. where June was since when I left she'd been napping. He said, "I dunno. She ran off to one of the rooms crying." This is how we found her. The close up pic was supposed to be last. Oh well, you get the idea..

I'm pretty positive Cole had woken her up, and she had thrown a horrendous fit and ran to my room and in an attempt to get on my bed, fallen asleep.

I did the girls hair this morning (yes, it's sad that I don't usually) and had to post it. Should of gotten a better pic of June's hair in braids! Gettin' so long! And fortunately, (I guess!) Dayne's bangs our growing out. I requested that Geof.'s sister Ellynn cut them short, real short, but too many people think she cut them herself. I guess that's not a good sign?? I love Dayne's crazy curly hair, and I thought the short bangs just added to the funkiness. Geof. hated them, though, and he's in charge. (;

Sunday, June 14, 2009

our date

Our date last night. I'll write about it later..
And, it's later. I tried to get Geof. on here to post about our date, since he's better with words and describing, but he didn't/couldn't find the time. So here I am. Our date was wonderful. A date with your husband is always wonderful when your time is consumed with three little ones. Oh, thank you babysitters! We went out to eat (I ate, Geof. watched..he's been eating before dates for a while now) and then went to a yummy homemade icecream shop and got Geof.'s favorite, brownie sundae. This time he ate, I watched (mostly). Ever since I started running-on a regular basis- I haven't been able to eat sweets as much as I used to, or would like to. (; I'm way too groggy in the morning. I find that if I'm done eating for the night around 6 pm, it makes for a great run in the morning. All is well. Any later than that and I feel quite yucky, almost like my food from the night before isn't completely digested. After not finishing our too rich dessert, we went to our favorite theatre, The Byrd (only $1.99!) to watch Duplicity. The movie was fine, but it was the experience that we enjoyed more. It's a great old theatre that I believe they're almost in the process of restoring. Click on the link for better pics than ours. Every Friday and Sat. night, this guy puts on a pretty impressive show with the organ. He's fantastic! As I mentioned in our little video, I'm thinking of asking him to play for our ward meetings since our organist plays so extremely slow, it's painful I tell ya! I'm kidding..not about her playing slow, but about asking him. (I think I possibly scared Geof. with that one).
I joked with Geof. that I don't laugh at him like I used to. Not because he's not funny, but because we've been married longer and I'm more used to him. He didn't like that comment. He tried hard to make me laugh that night.

Dates are so important. Once a week dates. I can't imagine a marriage failing when you push for these. Thank you, Geof. for feeling the same way I do..., and loving me despite my irritating habits and personality defects. };

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Can I repeat it? We love it here!

Here's a random photo to start off this post. I find Dayne hidden on the side of our couch all the time reading her books. She's hysterical! Last Sunday the lady sitting behind us in the pew told me afterward that Dayne had her in stitches reading aloud in her own "language" all the Sacrament Mtg. And then there's me sitting next to her, "Dayne, whisper!"...20 seconds later, "Dayne, that's not a whisper. Whisper!". This went on throughout the whole mtg. Yes, I could of just taken her book, but it kept her happy. Funniest girl, ever!

Sunday we took the kids to Maymont Park. We love this place. An old plantation that was donated to the city and is now a free park/zoo sort of place. It's wonderful, beautiful, and the kids are always happy here. Look at Cole. Doesn't he look happy? (;

I'm happy with my camera, really, I am. Isn't it kinda lame how quick technology changes, though? Now I see other people's professional looking pics and mine seem pretty lame in comparison. Oh well..
Our picnic at the park. I'm a lame picnicker. I need some new ideas since we have pb&j's, watermelon, chips, and juice boxes pretty much every time.
Look at that bald eagle perched on Geof.'s hand! Just incredible. Really, it was!We would of seen the whole park had it not been for this little one insisting on pushing the stroller the whole time. Should of gotten the pic of the load she was pushin' 95% of the time: Dayne.
-Cole's last day of school is tomorrow! Can't believe it. We'll be spending our days at the pool, walking everywhere.., and just enjoying our time in VA. Today I was talking to a man at the pool who said he'd never been anywhere other than VA, West Virginia, and possibly Kentucky? He said he'd love to live out west. I told him to go! What does he have to lose? I'm so glad Geof. and I made the decision to come out here. I remember our first week or two here (when we initially moved out, in '07). We all felt a little panicky because we knew NO ONE. Here we had just moved from Provo, where we were all the same, everyone knew everyone, etc. It was scary! But we soon made friends and learned a great deal. I think the best part was we became closer as a family. And we came to appreciate friendships a lot more. We love and miss our family, but are so excited for our time here in Richmond. Please come and visit!! (;

Saturday, June 6, 2009

us, now..

Oh that's a cute face, Cole. He climbs everything in sight and then decides when he wants us to help him by screaming for all the world to hear. No, he was not that high up, and yes, Geof. gave in and helped him down. little stinker.. We went to the Strawberry Faire (that's how they spelled it..why? anyone know?) today in Ashland, Virginia-an old railroad town about 20 min. north. It was okay. I wore my strawberry skirt just in case.., but I didn't see the strawberry fields where the berries were picked-only vender after vender of things I didn't want or need. It was nice to get out, though. Dayne must need some one on one mommy/dayne time. She insisted on holding my hand most of the day.
Good pic, Dayners!
Sweet girl. Dayne's not one to pose for pics and I can rarely get her to freeze long enough for any. This one turned out cute, though.
Before we left for the fair, the kids found Cole's costumes that we still haven't completely unpacked, and each tried one on. Fun pic. Cole was good with the girls today. When we got home Geof. and I were so exhausted, all we wanted to do was lay on our new bed (yes, we purchased a REAL, new, warranty and all, bed!). Cole and the girls played so happily in his room for more than an hour. It was a little bit of unexpected heaven.
June's not a baby anymore! She doesn't pose or smile on the spot like she used too. Mostly just squints her eyes when I ask her to smile for the camera. Tickling always helps.

Dayne's been asking me EVERY day since we moved here if she can paint. That was one of the first things she found unpacking. I couldn't bring myself to take on that task until a few days ago. The house was clean (enough), and June was asleep. She sat there painting for a good hour by herself. As happy as can be..
Why didn't I do this before??