Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feb. 2014

Time to post. It's been since November!? It's a snow day possibly a perfect time to catch up. Cole turned 11 the beginning of December. We can't believe how close he is to being a teenager...and how much he acts like he already IS one! He still plays soccer and has the energy of an active two year old (seriously! He does NOT slow down!), which has helped him in his new sport of basketball. I'm surprised at how much I've enjoyed watching all three of my kids play basketball. I wasn't too excited about signing them up, only because I've never had any interest in the sport, but it's a fast-paced game and it keeps my kids moving constantly. It's been awesome. And all three are doing great! Cole is quick and there's not many that can keep up with him..he's working on shooting and dribbling, but gets better every practice. Dayne is still figuring out the game, but when she's on, she on! She's fast like Cole, and is very good about staying on the teammate she's assigned to cover. Junie loves dribbling (with both hands!) and although she hasn't learned how to run and dribble (but who has at six?), she's mastering the skill and gets extremely excited at making a basket. Mostly, she runs alongside the more experienced (boys) on her team and shouts out, "pass! pass to me!" in a high, cheerleader-y voice. ;)

We spent another Christmas in Richmond with just was nice. We did the usual Byrd Theatre showing of "It's a Wonderful Life". June continues to tell us, "I do NOT want to go to that black and white movie ever again on Christmas". Sorry,'s a tradition. We love it. They have christmas carols accompanied by the "Mighty Wurlitzer" and then a showing of the movie, both of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I'm sure June will come to appreciate it eventually.

Two weeks after Christmas, Le Anne flies in to watch the kids, and I fly out to Romania! Thea was finished with her 8.5 months of work/study abroad, and Steve and Amy needed someone to pick her up. Lucky me!! It was wonderful. The first few days were only challenging because I like to be social and the nuns were quiet and although most of them spoke "enough" English, they weren't as comfortable speaking it. However, by the end of my trip, we had warmed up to each other (it helps to push yourself on people). I was able to help around the monastery and the nuns were so sweet and kind. Very pure hearts. Adriana and her daughter Diana (Adriana is not a nun, but a doctor, and stays at the monastery most weekends with her daughter Diana) were awesome hostesses (we stayed at their apartment a few nights--when I arrived and when we were leaving) and spoke English so was nice to have someone to communicate with so freely. Adriana and nun Antonia took me and Thea on a two day road trip to some salt mines, a beautiful city called Sighisoara, and my favorite, Transylvania. We went to Bran castle and stayed in a beautiful quaint bed and breakfast there. I wanted to bring my family back!

Thea and I fly back and got home Jan 17, and Friday night. On Sat morning we woke up and drove to Florida to go to Universal Studios/Harry Potter World. It was a cold week in Florida, but we enjoyed it. Mostly though, I was anxious to get back to my renovated kitchen...which I love!