Friday, October 5, 2012

A last minute trip to OBX

OBX, otherwise known as the Outer Banks, is a 200-mile, long string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina (thanks Wikipedia!)
We're down here with our friends the Roberts..soaking up the last few days of, early fall? Weather's been perfect. All of us burnt yesterday!! We arrived late Wed night and were greeted by the crashing waves and the creepy abandoned beach homes obstructing our "beach front" rental (built to close to water-deemed "condemned"). The next morning after a ridiculously hard run on the beach with Cole (running in the sand is not as romantic as one might think), we were rushed down by all the kids to the sand and water.
Cole picked up skim boarding in no time, Dayne had us scared to death more than once getting sucked out into the ocean deep (good thing she's a strong swimmer!), and June was content staying close to the waters' edge singing happily to herself. We've also gone searching for crabs-best to do at night with a flashlight. :)