Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When Geof. comes home it always takes me about a day or less to adjust. Funny, I know. I just have to try to figure out how to fit him into life. After that short bit of awkwardness, all is well and it feels just like heaven. Here's some pics to prove it.
p.s. this first pic of June was too funny not to post. Her hair?!! Getting crazy long and I'm not too sure what to do with it. Much like my 2 other children...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've been boring lately. Not really sure what to post on my blog. Kind of wondering if I should even HAVE a blog. I had a talk with my wonderful friend Erin the other day. It'd been forever since we'd talked. She said she didn't have a blog or a facebook page. That she felt it wasted too much time and very often was turned into something not good (ie: a brag session, feelings get hurt because "so and so" didn't comment, "so and so" has cuter kids and a better husband than I do, etc.). You get the picture, right? And facebook, where do I begin?? Like we moms have all this extra time to waste on the computer!! Anyway, I've been feeling this way for quite sometime now, and it was good talking to Erin about it and feeling a new resolve to be better with my time management. However, I do feel that with all the political/moral debates that are upon us, blogging and facebooking (I'm sure that's in the dictionary) can be a great way for us to share our feelings and our convictions about what we believe to be true and right. I'm grateful for my beliefs and for the Light of Christ within ALL OF US. It can be a dim light for those who push it away, or a great source of understanding for those of us seeking truth. I pray that we all can and will do so in these tumultuous times.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did I mention she's finally walking?

I'd post a video of it, but it takes to long to upload, download, whatever.

Monday, October 20, 2008


We went to a pumpkin farm last Saturday with Geof.'s dad, his sister and her husband, and some cousins. It was a perfect day. Absolutely perfect. So far the rain here has been just as frequent as any other place I've lived. I realize I have yet to live through a winter, but it's been wonderful and beautiful every day.
Our plan is to move back to Richmond after the holidays (unless some fabulous job presents itself), which is exciting, but also scary. I'm tired of not feeling settled. Of not knowing whether or not we should make friends in a place...which I guess is pretty impossible for us. Yet it's so hard to have to keep leaving 'em behind when it's time to go. Not that we've moved all over the place, I realize that. Geof. and I both feel a need to be settled in an area, to raise our kids there, to make lifelong friends, etc. I guess that time will come...Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're back! We had so much fun. It was very hot and humid, but we managed to still enjoy ourselves. (; Cole was spoiled rotten with rides and cousins, and Geof. and I enjoyed some relaxing time without a baby and toddler.

Friday, October 3, 2008

We're leaving for Disneyworld tomorrow!! Well, to be more accurate, we're actually leaving for CA tomorrow to drop the girls off and then Geof. will meet us there and he, Cole, and I will leave on Sunday for Orlando. My sister Amy offered to take Dayne and June so we could enjoy the park more, and I couldn't be more willing! At first I thought, 'oh, I couldn't leave 'em'..., but the more I thought about it, the more I realized they wouldn't care either way, and we'd save a few bucks not buying Dayne's ticket.
I bathed the kids tonight and took some cute pics of Dayne actually smiling. I used my color accent feature again, hence the weird yellowy accents and the blue, looks 'like we're not breathing' lips.

Cole's become very concerned with his appearance lately. After each bath he makes sure to brush his hair to perfection asking me the whole time, "Mom, do I look handsome? Is my hair okay?" I don't really know where he got that since I spend a good 1-2 minutes on my hair and Geof., as you know, is bald. (:
I was brushing Dayne's hair and telling her how pretty she was and Cole said, "That's not fair (very Cole like statement)! Dayne's hair is prettier than mine!!" So I teased him a bit for wanting to be pretty and put his hair up like Dayne's. He does have great hair, doesn't he?? Gotta love the up the nostrils pic of me...and the double chin.