Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My poor blog is suffering! I never seem to have time to post and it's killing me. And I'm sure a lot of it is because I'm out of my element and trying to figure things out. I'll get this blog up and going again, I promise (not that many of you are missing it). I am looking forward to Cole starting school and soccer, life slowing down a bit, and Geof. possibly having a job where he's home every night. I miss him!! Anyway, we are blessed and our family is so good to us. I miss the very good, true friends we made in Virginia. Sad, I am.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My sister Amy shared this with me and I couldn't help but put it on my blog. It's simple words that many of us have heard before, but I don't believe we can ever tire from words of truth and inspiration.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

...and even more pics

Dayne was OBSESSED with these swings at the reunion. She refused to get off 'em for anything! There's Geof.'s mom in the background doing the swingin'.
She eventually fell off one.
On our drive to Jackson Hole, we stopped to take some breathtaking shots.
Entrance to the city park in Jackson.

busy summer!

I haven't had time or access to the internet enough to be able to do a good post. I'll try now. Here's some recent pics of our time in Washington. June was so whiny and sad the first few days we were there. I think the lack of sleep and all the craziness of moving finally got to her. poor beebs.
Here's Geof. working on his tan as he mows his parents lawn. It's sooo pretty here!
Geof. found this little snake while doing yard work for the kids to play with. They were so excited. I was a little nervous that I'd find the snake dead in no time, so I was glad when they quickly lost it.
About a week after we arrived in Washington, we left on a trip to Island Park, Idaho (near Yellowstone) for a family reunion. We all rented a 15 passenger van and filled it up to capacity (okay, 14 people with a million bags and NO storage!). I had anxiety attacks the night before we left because I've come to really dislike road trips with my kids. The lack of sleep, constant stops, whining..., you get the picture? And there were 7 kids in the van!! The drive there was a little difficult, but after the reunion, we headed to Jackson Hole, WY and then on to Utah and took the most beautiful, scenic route. I'll add more pics soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

...on the road

We've been from WA to Yellowstone, to Jackson Hole, and now we're in Utah. I'll post pics soon!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Beautiful Washington

We arrived in Washington a few nights ago. It was possibly the longest flight from Philly to Portland. Geof. was even thinking of flying from Philly to St. Louis to start a trip. FORTUNATELY, he called in sick, probably after seeing the desperate, exhausted, frightened, "I'll kill my kids if I have to do it alone" look in my eye. Even with Geof., it turned out to be the longest, most tiring cross country trip yet (and I've done quite a few of those with and without Geof.). We sat on the ground for and hour and a half in philly due to thunderstorms, and then we had a good 5 and a half hour flight. June was well past the delirious stage, and pretty much whined and cried and slashed around in Geof. or my lap the whole time. Geof. and I were so tired ourselves from 2 days of packing, that we didn't even have the strength or energy to entertain our kids. I couldn't even find the coloring/activity books my friend had given us for the flight (sorry Aimee!!). It was crazy. Towards the end of the flight, I found Dayne cleaning our fellow passenger's armrests with a baby wipe and I was too tired to stop her. We did make it, however, and I can't be happier here. I LOVE WASHINGTON!! It's so clean and open and green. It's always felt like home to me and it's never even been my home (except for 3 short months when I was 16 living with my aunt and uncle)! We will miss Richmond and our dear friends, and hope to go back one day, but I feel incredibly grateful to be with family here. Geof.'s sister Ellynn and her husband Jason moved up here a week ago as well from Utah, and are living with Geof.'s other sister Meagan until their baby arrives (due in November). I almost forgot to mention our cute little apartment set up in the basement. Geof. and I have our own little "studio" with our bed and family room set up, and the kids are all in another room with brand new bunkbeds. Cole's so excited. Well, time to run. I don't know how clear this post is since it's close to midnight eastcoast time and I've been up early every day. bye.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Erickson boys

I'm just gonna have my dad continue sending me pics as great as this one. For those of you who are not my blood (or non, I guess) relatives, this is a pic of my mom (in the center) holding her first child, my oldest brother Bevan. On her right is her sister Renee who had her first child, Brad, 2 or 3 weeks later I believe, and then to my mom's left is Dauna, my mom's sister in law, holding HER first child, Kendall, who was born 2-3 weeks after Brad. 3 boy cousins all born within a month and a half. If I'm wrong on my timetable, someone PlEASE set me straight. For the rest of you, I hope I didn't bore you.
For anyone interested, my sister Emily just started a blog. Yah!! Here's the link:

Saturday, July 5, 2008


it is hard to think that it was a year ago today that darla was racked with pain and i'm sure wondered if she would live to see a new baby. the poor mom truly endured a great deal in order to bring about the june. the june is not used in the same context as the dayne. not yet. the dayne is a little on the crazy fun side. the june is the calming influence in darla's life. i don't think any other child is as wonderful to wake up as june. there is a perpetual smile on her face upon awakening. that is definitely from my side of the family. whenever i call darla and she sounds calm and happy i know that she is holding and looking at june. not to discredit the achievements of the other children who can make their mother laugh and smile. but june is darla's balm. we're glad to have you june bug you are our sweet bebes. happy first birthday


It's rare that you get a pic of my 3 brothers together. Bevan (the darkest) lives outside of Logan, Utah, Chris (the blonde) lives in Alaska, and Fenton (the shortest) lives in Hawaii. The three are all up in Alaska right now playing and enjoying the 4th. My dad sent me this pic and it made me tear up quite a bit. I wish we could all live closer so our relationship as brothers and sisters was stronger. oH well. maybe some day.

Friday, July 4, 2008

baby june

It's late on the 4th. I thought I'd post real quick before tomorrow since the kids are finally asleep. We stayed up late to watch the fireworks. Most of them were hidden behind trees, so I drove around like a madwoman trying to find a good spot. We got the last 2 minutes or so in. Geof. had to leave early this morning for a 4 day trip. I was gonna meet him in Norfolk tonight (where his overnight is) so we could all watch the fireworks on the beach, but when we went to the airport to pick up his car and drive it out (we're selling our van tomorrow), the battery died 5 minutes from the airport. I had to pay some Indian lady (not a racial remark, I swear) 20 bucks just so I could leave my car in her Days Inn parking lot. I couldn't even roll the windows up. Hopefully we don't have any rain storms.
Now for the real reason I posted, HAPPY BIRTHDAY little JUNE BUG!! Even though your birth had to be the most emotionally and physically exhausting experience of my life, your short time here has been such a wonderful blessing. You put a smile on my face every time I look at you. I'm in love. Cole and Dayne (and Daddy!) adore you as well and there's not a moment that we're not fighting over who gets to hold you. Happy birthday baby.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I can't even begin to tell you the kind of day Dayne had yesterday. She's not light-footed (if that's even the term) and can easily fall, trip, what have you, multiple times a day. But yesterday was the worst of all. She walked into everything. First thing in the morning, she's playing around in the back of the van, next thing we know she's head first out of the van onto the concrete. OUCH! Geof. brought her in with a very concerned voice, so I knew it wasn't just another light fall. She had the hugest goose egg I've ever seen. I wish I could of gotten a pic yesterday, but it would of been insensitive of me. So I snagged one this morning. Poor Daynie.