Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here and now

Fall is here. Like all of us, I love it, but it sure is tiring! Gone are the days of doing whatever we please. Schedules are nice, but so restrictive! ;) Here's a few snapshots of our day to day..

Dayne is so, SO busy. Every day upon arriving home from school, she has it set in her mind what craft she wants to do and how it'll go. It's exhausting to watch her! I seem to be in a constant state of "pick-up after Dayne". Paper clippings in her room.., glue and glitter all over the dining room table.., it never really ends. But I do appreciate her ability to stay entertained and of course the sweet artwork with which she adorns our home. Notice the last pic below is the books and card she made for Santa. Sweet girl. "Dir Santa Claus, I love you". Should I leave it there on my fireplace until Christmas??
All she needs from me is an occasional spelling for the many books she staples together, composes, then delivers to loved ones (that includes teachers, friends.., even acquaintances, mind you). She's also a great helper when I can motivate her. Here are a few pics of our typical "Monday"; Cole doing homeschool, Dayne peeling sweet potatoes (what a messy kitchen I have!), and June keeping herself happy after being ignored most of the day (we can thank Cole for having my complete attention most, if not ALL of the school day).

We went to Dayne's fall school fair last Sat. Her teacher was the face painter and Dayne asked for a painting on her forehead of the cow jumping over the moon! Good thing she inherited my "sufficiently-sized" forehead! Ha! The Sat. before that our ward put on a HUGE garage sale benefiting a youth in our ward who has bone cancer. It was incredible. Geof. and Cole camped on the grass outside the building because there was so much that had to be left outside and they needed some "watch dogs". We had over a thousand people enter the church building and the sale raised over $11,500! Such a wonderful experience for the ward and its members. We came home with a Santa and Mrs. Claus troll dolls. Reminds me of my mother. She loved her scary troll dolls.

Junie is loving ballet and Dayne doesn't seem to mind that she's not doing it. They didn't offer it for her age, sadly. She's starting swimming again next month, though. We're hoping it'll help clear her up and strengthen her lungs. June is also enjoying preschool and all the play dates she gets afterward (there are 5 lds kids from our ward in the class of 12 kids!). Happy child.

And although most days are a fight to get Cole started on school, he still says he does NOT want to go back to regular school and Geof. and I both agree that he's getting SO much more done at home and actually LEARNING something! ;)

Sorry I don't have pics of me or Geof. Geof. did sport a mustache for half of last week. Not so cute. He shaved it off after seeing himself in a mirror at the gym and thinking he appeared quite "mouselike".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cole and me


Suppose, my little lady,
Your doll should break her head,
Could you make it whole by crying
Till your eyes and nose are red?
And would n’t it be pleasanter
To treat it as a joke;
And say you ’re glad “’T was Dolly’s
And not your head that broke?”

Suppose you ’re dressed for walking,
And the rain comes pouring down,
Will it clear off any sooner
Because you scold and frown?
And would n’t it be nicer
For you to smile than pout,
And so make sunshine in the house
When there is none without?

Suppose your task, my little man,
Is very hard to get,
Will it make it any easier
For you to sit and fret?
And would n’t it be wiser
Than waiting like a dunce,
To go to work in earnest
And learn the thing at once?

Suppose that some boys have a horse,
And some a coach and pair,
Will it tire you less while walking
To say, “It is n’t fair?”
And would n’t it be nobler
To keep your temper sweet,
And in your heart be thankful
You can walk upon your feet?

And suppose the world don’t please you,
Nor the way some people do,
Do you think the whole creation
Will be altered just for you?
And is n’t it, my boy or girl,
The wisest, bravest plan,
Whatever comes, or does n’t come,
To do the best you can?
A poem Cole and I read for school today. So good for both of us..if only we followed its wise advice. ;) ...oh, and an old video of Junie. Miss that little girl.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frontier Culture Museum-part 1 (and to think there were even MORE pics and I lost them!)

I'm bummed because I can't find the pics from our drive to Staunton. Cole and Emily took some funny pics of each other and I deleted them off my camera before realizing I didn't have them on here. Dang.

The first farm we saw upon arrival at the Museum was the early-American farm of 1740. It was a log cabin crudely-made and without the mud filling. Outside was a man splitting logs and Cole and many other boys sat patiently waiting for their turn to hit with the hammer. Don't have pics of this. :(

And then a woman dressed in the 1740s era attire, told us all about living in the backwoods of Virginia at that time and the threats and dangers, especially for a woman who is left home all day. She then gave us a musket demonstration showing and telling us the correct way to cock a rifle and use gun powder. Her presentation (as well as ALL those that worked/volunteered there) was very interactive. She asked many questions and it took quite some time for things to build up to her actually firing the weapon (even though it was a blank). Fun and very informative for the kids.

We then headed over to two other farms; one from the 1820s and another from the 1850s. We were surprised at how things had progressed in the short time period between 1820 and 1850. A lot of advancements were made in farming in that short period. This was the first time the kids were able to participate in cooking over an open hearth and helped roll egg noodles (made of simply eggs and flour..and a bit of salt). They LOVED doing this! They were also able to carve wood and pet the sheep and smelly pigs. Emily especially loved the animals. Sweet girl.

We stopped in and had a 10 minute "school lesson" at the old school house. This time they did a spelling bee! Cole and Emily both missed the word "dodge". Oops. But they loved it and lined right up again for their next word (can't remember what it was..).

After that we headed over to the big barn of the 1850 farm and house and Cole couldn't keep his hands off all the tools. On the front lawn area of the home was local and semi-local merchants from the area there for the Oktoberfest festivities. They were dressed in old-time clothing selling things like hand-made guns, lanterns, gun powder horn muskets (made of cow horns and deer antlers), hand-made knifes, furs, and animal traps.

As you can see in the pics, Cole was ALIVE with interest. He couldn't stand still for a minute and was even reprimanded by the man who made the animal traps for not listening after asking a question. It was good, though, because after that Cole was polite as ever and stood still and

kept his eyes on the man. I love the pic of Cole wearing the muskrats hat (I really don't even know if that's what they are). He looks so young and innocent.

I can swear that my mom had a muskrat hat or shawl that she kept in the Halloween box and I was always so grossed out by it. Am I right, mom?

After spending more than enough time there (as Emily can attest to), we headed to the car for lunch and then after eating, we went to the West African Farm where the kids took part in Puddling (turning clay into mud to build homes). They both told me that this, along with watching a cow urinate, was their favorite part of the trip.