Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're stuck (and Happy 28th to Fenton!!)

Who would've known we'd need snow clothes in Richmond?!! Here we are stuck indoors again due to a bunch of cotton clothes. ): I''ve gotta get my hands on some fleece and wool for next winter. Anyway, the kids are happy. Dayne has already trudged outside once with rain boots , leggings, and a rain jacket. She lasted a good 3 minutes and was back inside. No tears this time. Cole could sit and play video games all day (although we've cut it back to only 3 hours on Saturdays). June is pretty happy roaming around the house, but Dayne?! This girl is so active lately. I can't get her to sit still! I'm off to make snowflakes with her. Happy Sat. to everyone! I'm dreaming of camping in Florida Keys right now..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My cousin Ivy is up in D.C. Her best friend
Emily and Emily's husband Burke live up there too. Emily and Burke are newlyweds who naively offered to watch our kids so we could go to the temple on Sat. Thank you, Burke and Emily!! Wish the kids (okay, and us) weren't so crazy!

Today before heading back to Richmond, we drove over to Roosevelt island. Geof. has always wanted to check it out. Fun times. It'll be a lot prettier in the summer, though.

Isn't Dayne creative? She thought of this all by herself..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our current treat: Hummus mixed with mango salsa from Costco and dipped with Target's Organic Blue Corn with Flax Seed Tortilla Chips (I haven't found a cheaper bag of blue chips!). So good! mmm...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

For now things are working!

Just a few of my favorite pics of our post Christmas D.C. trip..

Geof. deleted a few pics, so we'll see how things go. I was kinda okay not blogging anymore and found that I had some much needed 'extra' time. However, Geof. did mention that he liked that I did it and kept those memories for our family. I agree. Blogging can be a wonderful thing..., as long as your day(s) and night(s) aren't spent spilling over the many friends, family..and sadly, stranger's lives that we get so caught up reading. ugh.

The pic above is of Richmond's own train station. Isn't it great?! The pic quality isn't the best, but I do love that we have it here and that Richmond's so full of rich history. We've been dying to get out and see and do more!! The weather has been too cold for our taste, though. We finally had some days this week that reached into the 50s. Yes! That's what brought us back to Richmond. That, and good friends, endless list of places to see, and yes, a job. A job! When is this economy gonna do some turning?

Geof. and I have been watching Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday nights. Oh heaven, let me tell ya! We put the kids to bed and then have alone time for a good 2 hours. It's wonderful! It's been a much needed date for us. I've been trying to figure out how to make $200 in the next 3 months so I could surprise Geof. and take him to "Wicked" and guess what, my friend surprised ME and she and I are going! I can't believe it! I feel very lucky and informed Geof. that I was still planning on taking him soon (I had to let him in on my "surprise").

Dayne is 4 1.2 and in need of school. We'll be waiting for Kindergarten, which will be a huge adjustment (ALL day out here!), but it's crazy to think last year at this time, she was totally fine just hanging around the house with Mom and June. Now she's fidgety, can't focus, and needs me constantly telling her what to do.., or doing it with her. I haven't figured out that she needs as much structure as Cole did, and am trying to give it to her. I guess I didn't realize until recently that Dayne wasn't going to sing or dance by herself all day, or even better, sit down and read a book (she doesn't read yet, but that imagination of hers does. It's amazing!!)! She still does those things, but not as regularly. I do hope both of my girls (and Cole?!) love singing as much as I do. They both sing like crazy in the car and know all the words to the stupid pop songs on the radio. When we pick up June from nursery, they always tell us she's the only one who sings all the songs and knows all the words. That makes me feel good knowing one thing I'm doing is good!
Speaking of singing, I assigned myself to put on a presentation in March for our Relief Society (and possibly the whole ward if they like us enough). My mother in law was in charge of it last year in her ward when I was living there, and I loved it so much and thought it was a much needed event for any ward. It's titled, "Women at the Well" and depicts Christ's life through the women that knew him. I'm getting really excited planning it. I wish we did more musicals. I feel like we did growing up (roadshows, etc.) and maybe people just got burnt out...?
And..., this post is incredibly boring. Once in a while I waste my time and read a funny blog titled, I can't help but feel that I sound as ridiculous and full of myself as the author of this blog! Read more about her (or him? Who knows?) here. I don't want to say the same cliche things that every other Mormon mommy blogger is saying and doing. I DO know that this month was better than expected. I've felt happier (maybe it's the YMCA pass and the new spinning classes I'm taking) and had a better understanding of who God is (something I've really been trying to think on) and who I am. My kids are funny and sweet and forgiving...oh, and they drive me crazy. But, as my wise sister told me (and a parenting counselor told her), "A parent is on stage for 18 years. You HAVE to be the adult." I can't throw my fits, I have to be the one in control. How? I'm not sure, yet.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Don't know what to do..

hm...Blogger says I don't have enough room to upload anymore pics. Gotta figure something else out. Might take me a while. In the meanwhile, go see AVATAR!! Geof. and I (and our friend Brady) went today and I was awestruck. How incredible, beautiful, wonderful it was! I really, REALLY liked it. (and I don't like just any movie)