Wednesday, March 13, 2013


As an extension to their already spoiled Christmas 2012, we took the kids to Disneyland a few weeks ago. ;) We met Geof's family down there and loved every minute of it-except maybe my aching feet? (whine) We flew in a day early to the John Wayne airport and were greeted by a perfect sunshiny day (never too hot) and a feel in the air that I don't think can ever be replicated in VA. This isn't to say anything bad about VA. CA can't replicate our hot and humid summers which surprisingly we've grown to (kinda) love. There's definitely something romantic about a muggy, summer evening in the South. Back to our trip: we stayed our first night with the Dyckman's-our friends from Richmond whose time here was too short! They were very good to us; charming accommodations (their little home in the hills outside of LA was picture perfect), incredible food (Sarah and Corey both love cooking and have taken cooking classes!), and ever pleasing conversation. We miss you, Dyckman's!

The next 4 1/2 days were spent with Geof's sisters, Ellynn and Meagan and their families, and Geof's parents. Doing Disney with the Bennett's is something that takes getting used to but I would never do it any other way! We go hard 4 or 5 days (this time we didn't get the much needed one day off in the middle to go to the beach), pack lunches and snacks, eat one meal a day on the park, and run from ride to ride like a bunch of middle schoolers. It's fabulous. My kids were so sad to leave cousins. The travel time there and back is extremely exhausting, but the "sacrifice" (really? Is a trip to Disney a "sacrifice"?) is worth it. Geof's family is so good about all getting together regularly-no matter where you live.

Throw in a half day mission reunion with my beloved companion Hermana Katie Lark, and I'd say this trip was nothing less than ideal.

Until next time!