Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I went to an institute class today and the teacher shared this poem that her nephew had written for her sister's funeral. His words felt good to me. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing them.

The Rose (Written for Margaret Rose Nelson's funeral by her nephew, Michael Lichfield)

The angels sadly watch their favorite flower
As winter winds and sleet her stalk surround.
They pray to God to spare, for He has power
To give her rest in His celestial grounds.
Yet God, our gardener, every flower knows.
So told He to His angels, still forlorn,
"I searched the world for such a lovely rose,
And found the greatest in a ring of thorns.
Now every plant which in my garden grows
Will pale if strife won't likewise it adorn.
So when come winds or fright'ning winter snows,
The roses which still bloom throughout the storm,
These roses only will I take to me,
For they can stand with one from Calvary."

And isn't June a good mommy? We watch this little Claire once in a while. Junie has been asking me all day when we can buy a baby. I told her, "We don't buy babies, they come into mommy's belly".

She gasps, "Mommy! You have a baby in your belly?!"

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Geof.'s bday!!

Geof is a young 31 today. He makes us happy and keeps things sane in the household. He's the best leprechaun daddy/husband/friend anyone could ask for. WE LOVE YOU, Geof!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Plants are still alive. Didn't think I'd enjoy keeping/attempting/growing plants the way I have/am. It's been so nice. I also got some goldfish the other day (yes, I did add more water to the bowl). We're all loving these little fish. Dayne came home from school on day two and ran in the kitchen to check on the little guys (or girls?) and shouted, "Ya! They didn't die!" (I had informed her they might not live for more than a few days. Even Geof. is concerned for their well being; making sure they're put in a warmer room at night, get fed enough..and although he was against me getting them at first, he's showing signs of a caring father. (;

The past weekend was absolutely wonderful. On Sat. there was a bi-stake women's conference and I was asked to be in charge of "Women at the Well" again (read about last year's performance here) which would be the last event of the day. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the morning classes and what a spiritual feast! I was very touched by every word I heard and felt so much love and needed peace that morning. One of the songs sung in "Women at the Well" have these lyrics, "It was though there was a drought, and every word He spoke was rain" (referring to hearing Christ's words in person)..that was exactly how I felt on Sat. My heart was so full by the time we performed that I couldn't hold back my emotions...none of us could. It was a very special, sacred experience.

I do love LIFE and the experiences we have here. I know that the dark times are necessary to fully appreciate the light. When I am living a Christ centered life, however, those dark times are fewer and the serenity that fills me is beyond words. Thank you, God for giving me these moments in life that I hope to remember.

Cousin Clancy comes to visit

My cousin Lynette's daughter Clancy is nannying up in NY and had some time off so she took the bus down to visit us. So lucky were we! June was MOST lucky, though, since Cole and Dayne were at school everyday and I was busy getting ready for Women at the Well again (we did it last March and I was asked to do it again for a bi-stake women's activity..it went SOO well. Read about last year's here).
So, back to Clancy's visit: June was thrilled to have someone who was obviously so in to her and gave her all the attention her little heart desired. And since Clancy's such a "girl" and loves doing make-up and hair, June was quite spoiled each morning with a fancy do and even some make-up application lessons. (;

We went to Maymont one day (one of our all time favorite Richmond spots) and enjoyed the warmer weather and scenery. It's fun to show visitors around Richmond--makes me fall in love with it all over again.

Thanks for the visit, Clancy! Come again! We all miss you!

Date with Dayne...and some eye pleasing pics of our pretty girl

Geof. and Dayne have a very special bond. It'd be more than safe to say she's a daddy's girl. However, Dayne is not at all prejudice and once you give her a little attention, you have all of her. She's very forgiving and Geof. and I both agree that she is by far our least selfish, MOST selfLESS child.
Dayne and I went on a mommy/daughter date tonight. Before I forget to post about it, I'll fill you on on some of our conversations. This girl is hilarious! Her mind is always going a million miles an hour. The rest of us can all be sitting in the family room watching a movie and she's busy entertaining herself (in the other rooms) coloring, story telling, doing her hair..not so interested in something else (like a movie) keeping her attention.
While driving to our destination tonight, here were a few of her thoughts and questions (she talked, and talked, and talked ALL NIGHT LONG):
(In a frustrated tone): "Aah, Mom...when am I going to grow up? It takes forever!"
"How many days to get married, 100?"
Lest you think that Dayne is anxious to grow up and leave us to find her Romeo (you see, Dayne brings up this whole growing up and getting married thing often), this was her reply when I asked her why she wanted to get married and leave us: "No mommy! I don't ever want to get married! I want to stay with you and daddy forever!".
We went window shopping, had some heavenly frozen yogurt, and then saw "Tangled" at the Byrd.
While driving home, Dayne's talking and inquiries didn't stop. They ranged from how the mail gets into the airplane and all the way to Grandma's house...to whether or not I would want to go on a date in a hot air balloon at night, or stay at home. ???
Funny, creative, smart, independent girl. Don't grow up.