Monday, May 20, 2013

Visits-part 2

I sure hope I can recover the pics that I recently deleted off my phone-thinking they were safe on Instagram.

Let me just say I feel so grateful that we have family willing to come out and see us. We really do miss you all and it's just too fun to show you Richmond. Despite our family's craziness, people keep Coming. Meagan and Renee's visit was a party non-stop! Every day was wonderful and Geof's job allowed him some free time to spend with us.

Some of the highlights of their visit:

•Running the kids' school 5K. Meagan came in 2nd for girls and won us a 3 month family membership at the YMCA.
•listening/meditating to a midevil/monk choir sans children
•Greek food on Cary street
•walking Maymont (Geof and Meagan's cool run meeting us there)
•a most perfect, relaxing day in Williamsburg (including weather)
•biking downtown Richmond with Renee, Meagan, and Cole. Meagan has to be the nicest, most patient girl around. Renee couldn't have done it with out her.
•pie. Mmmmm...
•running with Geof and Meags and pizza downtown afterward with the train interrupting our conversation
•Geof, Cole, and Meagan going to see "Warm Bodies" at The Byrd
•last minute shopping at the Eastern Market in DC and some people watching.

Come again...or for Brooke and Ellynn--it's your turn!!

This and that..

A little bit of this and that. Visits-part 1

 Grumpy June at Costco. Can't remember the reason.
 Being met like this, by one or both of our cats, upon arriving home--this occurring on a daily basis. Makes my heart swell (I AM that cat lady...)
 And another sad June face.
 Meeting Cole for lunch with our little friend Cailin (I watch her occasionally through out each month).
 Aunt Renee and Aunt Meagan's visit (I'll post some of my iPhone pics, as well). Don't mind the fuzzy pic edit choice (why?).  This was a most beautiful day spent in Williamsburg with two of my most favorite women. Thank you again, Meagan, for spending a week with us (and keeping us all sane!).
 Our dream garden.

 Chatting it up with a local..

 Meagan told me she LOVES posing for pics.
 Another dream garden.

We saved this tiny little bunny from our cats. We had found them tossing one back and forth a few weeks before, the bunny still breathing but with its insides hanging out (mean cats!), and couldn't bare this one ending up with the same fate.