Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I bought a ballerina Barbie for Dayne at Target today. The first thing I noticed was how small ballerina Barbie's chest size was. Interesting....
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's an anorexic ballerina? Or better yet, Mattell is finally producing "real life" Barbies. Anyway, Dayne wasn't as interested in her barbie as I'd like. All she cared about was whether or not she could take her hair out (Dayne has an obsession with her own hair, my hair, other people's hair) because it was in her face. That's what I tell Dayne all the time to get her to let me do HER hair.

I added Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" song on here. My kids absolutely LOVE this song and ask for it everytime we get in the car. They've only heard it once on the radio and we showed them a few Fergie videos on youtube (yah, we probably won't do that again). This girl is TALENTED!! Unfortunately, I don't know if I want her to be my kid's role model. But we do love dancing along to her tunes!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Sat. night Geof. tells me that we're going camping (Sabbath camping right?) the next night at our friend's parent's property. I do love camping, but I've learned it can be so difficult with kids, and the clean-up sometimes feels not so worth it. Some of my best memories as a kid are camping with family and friends, though. So you see, we do it for our kids. And they LOVED it (and we did too!!)

The property was right outside or Charlottesville and was so beautiful. The whole drive out, Geof. and I kept saying how pretty it was and how much we'd love to retire out here. We camped right next to a little lake, and to our delight, we even got to do some canoeing and paddle boating. Fun!

Here's a funny pic of Dayne and June with our friend's Brade and Emily. No, they're not married. Their spouses were close by. That's what makes the pic so funny. (:

Cole was very interested in the fishing poles and starting fishing right away when we arrived. And to our surprise, he caught a fish on the first cast (or try? Whatever you call it). I was so proud and knew my fisherman dad would love hearing that story. He would of fished all night long if we'd let him. I overheard Geof. telling someone on the phone that he woke up the next morning and said to Geof., "you were supposed to wake me up at 1 to go fishing!". I guess it's time to invest in a fishing pole for Cole.
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

....she's semi crawling

We were almost worried that June would sit still forever. Now that worry seems like a long lost dream. She's all over the place! She's not exactly crawling, more dragging herself around. But she does get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. I did an imitation of it the other night for our friend's Lindsey and Brade. It wasn't quite as cute. {;

I decided to change the background of the blog so it wasn't so dark. It ended up erasing all our fellow bloggers! Dang it! I guess I'll slowly get those back up on here. Also, the "what a wonderful world" quote was changed, as you can see, to "The World is a Vampire". I guess I've been pessimistic lately and the later quote seemed to fit the way I've been feeling. Isn't this world sucking the life out of us sometimes?? If feels that way.

Fortunately, I have 3 beautiful, healthy, CRAZY kids, a less worried husband (even though his career is shaky and he makes the equivalent of a full time fast food worker, ANYTHING is better than school- he says), and I live in a gorgeous part of the U.S. Thank you for THAT right?
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Friday, May 23, 2008

$1 Make-up

I'm a copycat, I know, but this is great! My sister in law just sent us this link on our family blog, and I went right there and it's true! Cheap stuff! Thanks Brooke!

My friend told me about this and I just had the funnest time. Go to this link -
Apparently Nordstrom bought out this company and they’re selling everything really cheap (most stuff is only $1) because they need to repackage. At check out type in CAROLINA for the coupon code and get 7.50 off!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I post all at once, I apologize. On Sat. we went swimming and all got incredibly sunburnt. We feel so bad for not having put sunscreen on the kids. We didn't realize it would be as bad as it was!! My back was hurting so bad last night that I moved to Cole's bed and he moved back to our bed with a more snuggly Dad. Dayne found her way in there too and this is how I found them this morning. So exhausted and all so burnt!!

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We went on this incredible walk Sunday night at a nearby park. We just love Richmond so much and it makes us sad knowing so much is up in the air right now with Geof.'s job. Yes, he'll be sticking with aviation and Trans States (at least for now), but the kids and I (and Geof. when he's not working) will probably be moving to Battle Ground, WA for the next 6 plus months to live with Geof.'s parents and save money for a home that we'll hopefully one day move into. Did that run on sentence even make sense? We are happy, and grateful, and excited..., but we do wish all had worked out with his upgrade and we could finally "settle" in our own home here in Richmond.
This park is really old. I'm not sure how old, but there's all these lamp posts and benches set up around what used to be a decent sized body of water, but is now just overgrown, grassy, beautiful marshland.

Why can't I ever get this girl to smile for the camera? So stubborn!
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We had vegetarian lasagna for dinner last night and although Dayne and Cole thought it was the nastiest thing ever, little June bug gobbled it all up. Don't you love this age?? They eat EVERYTHING. She's getting chubbier by the day and I love it. Cole and Dayne shake and cry every time I place anything red or green in front of them. What do I do??

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


congrats you've arrived. NOT. thanks wayne campbell. the roller coaster of aviation took a beautiful arc swing from apex to trough in a 24 hr. period. i arrived back from st. louis and that same night received a call telling me i was being down graded. 22 captains being demoted. possible furloughs for the jr. first officers. for those of you who plan on travelling buy your tickets now. prices will just go up as airlines stop flying many less profitable routes. hopefully you're elite so you can continue to travel in the future. if you are elite welcome aboard you're in 3c. the family is good we're just beating our head against the wall for the weekend wondering what we want to do.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Geof. got home today and says he has like a week or more off (they said a week minimum)..., so I'm just wondering what we'll do with all our time. Yea! He's off with Cole and Dayne at the dentist right now, and June's sleeping. How nice for me. As for the previous post, and a few before that, boy am I vain! I am very grateful to have a healthy body that gets me from A-B and beyond. So enough of my griping. Life is good.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A few things of little importance that I thought I'd blog about....

This is my first year really getting into American Idol. I, as my cousin Cory, used to pride myself in the fact that I didn't have time or desire to watch it. Sadly, I've watched it pretty religiously this season. It's pretty clear from seeing most of my cousin's blogs, that David Cook is not a favorite. I'll have to disagree! I LOVE this guy. I used to think he was pretty nasty..., something about his hair. But now, I think he's great! Not only does he have a fabulous voice, he's a great performer. David Archuletta has a nice voice, but that's about it. He's really quite the cheesy performer (poor dancing, weird hand movements, etc.). Even though we all know the 17 yr. old will win, David Cook WILL sell more records. Enough said. I know.
I bought this swimsuit last week from 16.99. I got it yesterday in the mail and it really is a very cute swimsuit. I had one very similar to this when I was 2. I wish I had a pic of it because it would be very funny to see the comparison. And, not that I'm trying to look like the model, but come on...close? I tried it on and was pretty irritated with my mid section. So....

....I got out my favorite DVD, and went to work with my Tae-bo. Thank you Thomson fam for introducing me to Billy Blanks. I've done other work outs and nothing compares. I'm so sore today! I still think my mini trampoline is the best for your body (in terms of not hurting it), but tae-bo really works.
I'm pretty embarrassed that I just posted about such trivial things, especially when there's so many other things I could be doing and worrying about. Oh well. Also, on a side note, Geof. passed his Captain upgrade. This is HUGE! We're so excited and feel so blessed since his company stopped upgrading first officers for a time. His class was the last class to upgrade. Geof. has worked so hard to be here and we're very proud of him. What a relief that he's done (at least for a few years)!

leaving st. louis

well i've been in st. louis off and on, more on than off since april 2nd. and after tomorrow i get to go back home. i completed my checkride tonight and you may now call my capt. jack sparrow. savvy? i'm very glad to be done and so excited to be home with the family more. this was a big step for me and the family i'm glad that it's worked out so far. thanks for the prayers of many who were pulling for me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We had the best date tonight!!! We needed it so much. We have a wonderful babysitter from our old ward, so we called her up and then headed off on our bikes. So fun!
Just a "typical" home in Richmond. We're so spoiled here.

I forgot to post pics from Dayne's birthday party we had on Sunday night. She's so funny. She got a little overwhelmed and decided to take a break from present opening. (:
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Goggle Day

I got some goggles at Costco the other day. Cole was soooo excited about his new goggles that he wore them all night.
Geof. was excited too.

And so was June. She LOVES Cole. Whenever she sees him she kicks her legs like crazy and starts squealing. They really have a sweet relationship.
Since we had new goggles, we decided to go down to the river to try them out. The river was pretty high and pretty cold, so naturally, Cole got in and the rest of us (along with a good group of drunk collegers) watched our crazy boy in amazement. We love you Cole!!!!
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

...almost done

9. I have one math class left until I get my Associates and I'm pretty nervous about signing up for an online class. That's my only option right now with Geof.'s schedule. I keep putting it off and I need to just do it! Alright, I'm done talking.


My cousin Kaisa did this fun post with this pic of an owl with the words "Blah blah blah" across the front. Since I don't know how to post images yet (I know, crazy), this will have to do. Anyway, it was just a list of some random things she was thinking about and possibly needed to blog about in order to clear her head. Here's the inside of my head:

1. Cole hates going to school. I'm really struggling with this because I'm just ready to yank him out even though he just had 2 weeks off and just yesterday, we didn't make him go since Geof. was home. He complains a ton before school, but seems happy afterward. And there's only a month left. I guess I just feel a little guilt that he's only in preschool but it's ALL day EVERYDAY here!! However, kindergarten is all day, everyday, and maybe this is a good way for him to prepare.

2. My hair is pretty dang cute right now. I was gonna have Geof.'s sister Ellynn put some more blond in it when we were in Utah but she told me to just leave it alone (since I am trying to go natural). Thanks for the advice Ellynn. The color is really pretty and when I actually do it, the length and everything just looks great. Yet, because I love my husband, and he LOVES long hair, I will continue to grow it out.

3. My house is never clean. I don't know if we're just accumulating more and more stuff, but this little 2 bdrm apt. seems filled to the rim. I can't stand it! My bedroom is NEVER clean because that's where everything goes when I'm trying to clean before someone comes over. I'm trying to just deal with it and not freak out. I do have 3 kids in a cramped space.

4. I have ultra sensitivities (thanks to my mom's mom) with my skin. Therefore, it drives me a little nutty that my post prego belly is still there. Does it EVER go away after kids? It's just this extra skin that hangs over my pants when I sit down, jiggles like crazy when I'm dancing or laughing, and if I do ever want to wear a form fitting shirt, I have to make sure my pants are high enough that the waist isn't cutting me right in the middle of the bulge.

5. Geof. loves me. I do realize how big that is for me to be able to say that. Many women aren't too sure of their husbands/boyfriends true feelings. I'm pretty sure Geof. thinks I'm hot (he tells me at least once a day) and I don't even know why I complain about my body so much. He HATES it when i talk about it all day (another thing I got from my mom) and loves me for what I am. He's truly my best friend.

6. We're not sure if we're gonna buy a home yet because the market keeps dropping. Geof. doesn't want to spend more than $1000/month which is a huge jump up for him. Sadly, things around here are a tad more than that. Unless we want to live in another 2 bdrm apt. I don't know what to do.

7. Dayne whines morning, noon, and night. Mostly morning. Geof. said she got that from my mom too (sorry mom! It IS a Sellers' trait though!). She has been feeling under the weather lately, but come on!! This has been going on for too long! I want a happy 3 yr. old for peets sake (sp?)!

8. I love Richmond. Who knew? Geof. and I agree that we could live here forever (but we won't).
June turned 10 months yesterday. Geof. had her in Elder's Quorum on Sunday and there was another 10 month old doing the army crawl all around the room. Geof. came out after church and seemed pretty concerned that June ONLY sits and doesn't really do much else. I assured him that she's fine, and that I'm pretty okay that she doesn't have much interest in crawling yet. I mean, once they're crawling, they get dirtier, they get into things..., it's MUCH easier this way. (:

June's so dang cute that she's rarely set down on the ground. And when she is, it's only for a moment.
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

A gift from Grandma

I tried typing up a cute blog about my wonderful mother-in-law and her wonderful quilts, but my brain (as usual) just isn't working. We received this beautiful quilt from Grandma Le Anne today for Dayne's birthday. We are so blessed to have such a good seamstress (is that the right word) for a Grandma! Dayne and June haven't been feeling well today, so they happily snuggled up under it for the pic.
Thank you again Grandma Dana!
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Three years already??

Happy birthday to my sweet 3 yr. old Dayne Dorothy!! We are so blessed to have a personality like you in our family. You are getting so big and soo funny!! You love to sing and could sing all day with that low, raspy voice of yours. And you love to dance too! Every time we're in the car you want to listen to music. And as soon as we get home, you go straight to the stereo and turn it on and dance! I love it! We hope you are happy with us as your parents. We know we still have a lot to learn about you and how to go about saying things right so we don't hurt your feelings so often. We love you Dayners!
The grad, Geof. and June

Lucky us, we even got to see Ramsey for a bit who just got back from New Zealand and Fiji. Poor kid...

The kids and I went to our old ward in Provo Sunday morning. The mountains, the clear sky, the sun..., it was such a glorious (yes, I'm using that word) morning. I just had to take a pic out of the car window.
The only pic we got of Ellynn and Jason. WHy?? I don't know!! I know Ellynn will love me for posting this though. (:
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