Wednesday, March 12, 2008


well it is probably good that we have this blog seeing as a i only make a bi annual entry in the journal. I'm not sure if I should make this my personal memoirs or if many others will view the blog. i'll just try to jot down the things which i would like to remember. like dayne always busting out singing songs such as o holy night. there is no variation in tone. no need really when you're as cute as she is. Dayne, remembers lyrics better than anyone else in the family. Cole asks me every now and again when I'm going to become spider man or some other super hero. He says this because he is trying to figure out which super hero he wants to be when he grows up. We got him some super hero suits for his birthday and he immediately put on spider man walked over to a wall and tried climbing it. Needless to say he was very disappointed and informed us that the suit was broken. we'll work that for him. Dayne love to smile that is pretty much what elevates her from sleep depriving farting monster to beautiful favorite in Darla's eyes. Dayne is the only child who always wakes up with a big smile on her face. the cutest face and smile ever i might add. Darla though she will dispute this is the worlds best mom. She is constantly taking the kids out and trying to do things for them. Things like going to parks in horrible weather. Taking them on 5 mile walks. painting with, reading too, and cleaning up after the 3. Also I find darla to be the best wife ever. after six years i still feel as excited to return home to her as when i was a newly wed. actually more so perhaps since right after we got married she became pregnant with cole and threw up whenever she saw me. but that's neither here nor there. we've been blessed to travel and play together as a family. alright hopefully i'll post more stuff on this here web site. oh yeah brind and julia were out here last week and we had a fun time hanging out and seeing some of the sights. it's always fun to be with friends and family.


Emily Averett said...

Way to go Geof., so proud of you for joining in the blogging fun...Derek would rather die I'm sure, and are you sure it wasn't yourself you were referring to as the "sleep depriving farting monster"!! TOO funny! Oh ya, and aren't you so glad that you have such wonderful friends that want your birthday to be so special that they call and sing to you about 3 weeks too early!! Hee, hee. Maybe we'll actually call ON the day, we'll see!

Darla said...

He was actually talking about June. I don't know why he kept referring to her as Dayne. Dayne is NOT smiling when she wakes up! Cute though Geof.

Arah said...

'sleep deprived farting monster'... that is hillarious!