Friday, March 14, 2008

I can see myself getting quite obsessed with this whole bloggin' thing. Love it!! The 2nd pic of Dayne and June: don't ask me what is happening there except I thought Dayne looked so funny with her headband..., I just had to point and shoot. In the pic, I believe she's eating the keys and June is wishing she could try some. Third pic is of Dayne at the park. "Too bright mommy!" We went to the park yesterday and it was soo nice out. I love Richmond weather! The whole "No Sledding" sign just cracks me up. It snows maybe once or twice a year here and melts as soon as the day is over. I guess we haven't been here long enough to see the real blizzards they have. (:

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Emily Averett said...

Just look at your girls...WE MISS YOU!

Emily Averett said...

p.s. That pic of AK, LOVE IT! Makes me exicted to get up there.

Mindi said...

No sledding, eh? I was totally ready to pack up the sled and head out to Richmond for some "National Lampoon's" style tricks at that there park, Clark.