Tuesday, March 25, 2008

va. dreams

okay so i think i'm going insane. perhaps because i continue to eat right before bed. So a couple of nights ago i have this dream which seams to last all night long, that i am hunting the predator. yes, schwartzeneger the indian guy, carl withers, and others with larger arms than me were hunting the predator. ALL NIGHT LONG. still when i awoke we couldn't seem to catch that sucker. then last night i have a dream that a polar bear has broken into the house and is attacking the family. darla and are able to get the kids in one room and then find a shot gun to shoot the bear. the problem is there are only 2 shells and darla feels that she should shoot the bear because it would be fun and she's a better shot. this is very close to reality, the savage polar bear banging against the door is not. once again i awake with out bagging the nemesis.
also the other day i landed in o'hare where i never run into any one i know. i get off the plane and the pilot taking the plane from me is a bud-e i instructed with. then i walk inside and see a pilot for another airline that i used to instruct with as well. after saying good bye to him i begin walking and hear my name being called. it's my grandma marva on her way back from ohio. very good to see her after such a long time. i was about to dawn a class reunion t-shirt just in case. it was crazy...but not as crazy as my freaky dreams. it's 6 p.m. right now and i'm done eating for the day. peace.

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Darla said...

Oh Geof. You're so funny. No wonder it was IMPOSSIBLE to wake you up after that all night dream.