Monday, April 14, 2008

Geof. came home for a visit late Friday night, spent the day with us on Saturday, and flew back Sunday morning. It was way too short and sadly, wasn't the best visit for the two of us. I wanted a break from my kids, but at the same time wanted to be with Geof. And he wanted the whole package: me, the kids, and a perfect Saturday. We spent most of the morning trying to figure out what to do and finally ended it with me going out with June and Geof. taking the two older ones on a nice walk along the river. This is where (and how) I found them when I came to pick them up. Cole had found a deserted tractor (deserted for the weekend at least) to play in.

Naked Dayne (she fell in the river) deciding to join in the fun.
Cole trying to push Dayne out, which resulted in screaming that could possibly be heard by all Richmonders visiting that particular trail Saturday.
June and mom arriving at the scene, somewhat rested..., but not enough.
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Jessica said...

I SO feel for you! It is so hard to balance everyones needs! I guess we do the best we can and hope in the end someone is happy.. ;)

julie said...

i know it's really mean but that one of cole pushing dane made me laugh. it's so sad. and cute. just like siblings. :)

joshgoldfinch5985 said...

June is adorable! Just like her brother and sister. Hope all is well

Joan said...

Your kids are growing up so much!