Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My cousin Kaisa did this fun post with this pic of an owl with the words "Blah blah blah" across the front. Since I don't know how to post images yet (I know, crazy), this will have to do. Anyway, it was just a list of some random things she was thinking about and possibly needed to blog about in order to clear her head. Here's the inside of my head:

1. Cole hates going to school. I'm really struggling with this because I'm just ready to yank him out even though he just had 2 weeks off and just yesterday, we didn't make him go since Geof. was home. He complains a ton before school, but seems happy afterward. And there's only a month left. I guess I just feel a little guilt that he's only in preschool but it's ALL day EVERYDAY here!! However, kindergarten is all day, everyday, and maybe this is a good way for him to prepare.

2. My hair is pretty dang cute right now. I was gonna have Geof.'s sister Ellynn put some more blond in it when we were in Utah but she told me to just leave it alone (since I am trying to go natural). Thanks for the advice Ellynn. The color is really pretty and when I actually do it, the length and everything just looks great. Yet, because I love my husband, and he LOVES long hair, I will continue to grow it out.

3. My house is never clean. I don't know if we're just accumulating more and more stuff, but this little 2 bdrm apt. seems filled to the rim. I can't stand it! My bedroom is NEVER clean because that's where everything goes when I'm trying to clean before someone comes over. I'm trying to just deal with it and not freak out. I do have 3 kids in a cramped space.

4. I have ultra sensitivities (thanks to my mom's mom) with my skin. Therefore, it drives me a little nutty that my post prego belly is still there. Does it EVER go away after kids? It's just this extra skin that hangs over my pants when I sit down, jiggles like crazy when I'm dancing or laughing, and if I do ever want to wear a form fitting shirt, I have to make sure my pants are high enough that the waist isn't cutting me right in the middle of the bulge.

5. Geof. loves me. I do realize how big that is for me to be able to say that. Many women aren't too sure of their husbands/boyfriends true feelings. I'm pretty sure Geof. thinks I'm hot (he tells me at least once a day) and I don't even know why I complain about my body so much. He HATES it when i talk about it all day (another thing I got from my mom) and loves me for what I am. He's truly my best friend.

6. We're not sure if we're gonna buy a home yet because the market keeps dropping. Geof. doesn't want to spend more than $1000/month which is a huge jump up for him. Sadly, things around here are a tad more than that. Unless we want to live in another 2 bdrm apt. I don't know what to do.

7. Dayne whines morning, noon, and night. Mostly morning. Geof. said she got that from my mom too (sorry mom! It IS a Sellers' trait though!). She has been feeling under the weather lately, but come on!! This has been going on for too long! I want a happy 3 yr. old for peets sake (sp?)!

8. I love Richmond. Who knew? Geof. and I agree that we could live here forever (but we won't).


Kaisa Bailey said...

Didn't that feel great! I loved it. It is crazy how similar our lives can be...although I have 3 boys which brings a different air than 2 girls and a boy. It's just a louder, more physical air. Your kids are so cute, and Cole's just getting ready for Kindergarten. Don't worry about him missing school until it's real school. (: I love you.

julie said...

i wouldn't worry about not having him in school. but i do think it would be really hard to send him all day. cody goes 1/2 a day and i think that is plenty. your hair is cute, my house is never clean either but whats my excuse? i have just one kid. i guess i'm just a slob. &....buy a house!! buy a house!!

Darla said...

p.s. that's $1000/mo. to rent, not to own, by the way.

Pierces said...

Oh gosh... house ordeals... To buy or not go buy. When to buy? Where do buy? How much? Etc. Sick. I can't stand all that business. Some day. Some day.