Thursday, May 1, 2008

A gift from Grandma

I tried typing up a cute blog about my wonderful mother-in-law and her wonderful quilts, but my brain (as usual) just isn't working. We received this beautiful quilt from Grandma Le Anne today for Dayne's birthday. We are so blessed to have such a good seamstress (is that the right word) for a Grandma! Dayne and June haven't been feeling well today, so they happily snuggled up under it for the pic.
Thank you again Grandma Dana!
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Emily Averett said...

Love that, it's amazing!

amynewby said...

darla!! i just found your blog, it's so good to read and see pictures of your cute family!! email me so i can send you an invite to ours!! (hope you're feeling better from strep, i just got over it too and it was awful!

Walnut said...

Dayne Dorothy looks just delighted (second picture) to have the blanket

Jessica said...

Hey Darla, I sent that address to the only email I have for you guys. Hope it finds you. :)