Thursday, May 8, 2008

Goggle Day

I got some goggles at Costco the other day. Cole was soooo excited about his new goggles that he wore them all night.
Geof. was excited too.

And so was June. She LOVES Cole. Whenever she sees him she kicks her legs like crazy and starts squealing. They really have a sweet relationship.
Since we had new goggles, we decided to go down to the river to try them out. The river was pretty high and pretty cold, so naturally, Cole got in and the rest of us (along with a good group of drunk collegers) watched our crazy boy in amazement. We love you Cole!!!!
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Forever Young said...

I think everyone wishes they could have more of Cole's spirit. Love that crazy kid...he reminds me of Heather:)

Walnut said...

classic Cole, classic