Wednesday, May 14, 2008

leaving st. louis

well i've been in st. louis off and on, more on than off since april 2nd. and after tomorrow i get to go back home. i completed my checkride tonight and you may now call my capt. jack sparrow. savvy? i'm very glad to be done and so excited to be home with the family more. this was a big step for me and the family i'm glad that it's worked out so far. thanks for the prayers of many who were pulling for me.


Selwyn and Heather van Rooyen said...

Congratulations Jeff...oh I mean Cpt Sparrow. You need to come over we got a new MacGruber for you to see!

Pierces said...

WOW GEOF!!! That's really great news!! We are so happy for you guys. You go boy. You go.