Saturday, June 14, 2008

I wrote up a pretty well thought out blog yesterday, with a nice quote and all..., and it got deleted last minute. argh. I'm too tired and unmotivated today to repeat it. Here's some pics. June does the cheesiest grin ever!! She's hysterical. She turns her head back and forth while doing this face. My sister freaks out because I allow my kids to feed themselves and they (and the carpeted, yuck, dining room get so dirty).
Dayne has gone from terrible 2s to terrible 3s!! My mother-in-law said something recently about your children's tough stages, "once one grows out of it, the other one is just starting it." Very true. Cole has turned into a very pleasant, sweet 5 yr. old. He still has his times, but it's NOTHING like when he was 2 and 3..., and even 4. And now Dayne. She is very head strong, and wants to do everything by herself. Geof. compares her screaming tantrums to his sister Meagan. Most of the time I'm quite sure she doesn't even know what she's crying about, but loves hearing herself get louder and louder. HOWEVER, she's probably the funniest kid around and I think we'll keep her.
June's been doing this lately. I can't believe that just over a month ago she was only sitting!! Now she's doing everything! I really don't want her to walk yet, though. I LOVe this stage.
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Marisa said...

Okay could I love that picture of June with the dishwasher any more? So cute.

Arah said...

hey darla.
If you have aprogram on your computer that allows you to resize your image, use it. Make it about 1200 x 1000 or smaller and that should make it so your pictures aren't huge. Also,when you download your picture it will have a little box below it that says shrink to fit. click it, it should work for you.
and yes, it does help me to be able to help other families.

Lisa said...

I swear, no one warns you about the terrible threes, you think once they're out of 2 that you're all good. Oh no, it's worse.

Emily Averett said...

Look at June! I can't handle even handle her! That hair color is gorgeous too. We've had some pretty lame internet issues these past weeks and so I've not been able to see/watch/hear stuff very well, without spending 20 hours waiting so I just got to see the video of Dayne reading, that is too precious, her voice! And yours too, makes us me you all so much!