Friday, June 27, 2008

 This is what happens when the kids get bored while we're packing. Dayne had one on her head too, but we didn't get a good picture. Actually, they were surprisingly good. When we got their toys out (that they NEVER play with) to pack up, they showed a ton of interest and didn't want us to put them away. Maybe we should pack them up more often.
 We had Cole's best friend Michael over for their last "play date". That's what Michael said to Cole when he got in the car, "Cole, this is probably our last play date together." Cole LOVES Michael and only wishes that they lived closer so we could play more.
 I made cookies yesterday and all 3 kids wanted to help. Geof. said I take too many pics and don't live in the moment enough..., but I just HAD to get a shot of this!
 We went to an outdoor mall the other night and June was crawling all over the place, in and out of the fountains. She got quite a bit of attention for her lack of fear.
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Emily Averett said...

Love it! You've got yourself another water lover! That pic of Cole with underwear on his head/face is classic...I hope you're packing and ensuing move go really well, heading back to the west coast, good thing? I hope so!

Arah said...

so cute. Love the one of Cole picking is underwear.
When are you guys going to be in Washington?

Darla said...

We're hoping to be there by mid-July. So many things to do, ya know?

Lisa said...

um, you're moving to washington??

Rachel & Ryan said...

OH that pict of cole is PRICELESS!!! actually both of them ... thanks for sharing