Tuesday, July 22, 2008

busy summer!

I haven't had time or access to the internet enough to be able to do a good post. I'll try now. Here's some recent pics of our time in Washington. June was so whiny and sad the first few days we were there. I think the lack of sleep and all the craziness of moving finally got to her. poor beebs.
Here's Geof. working on his tan as he mows his parents lawn. It's sooo pretty here!
Geof. found this little snake while doing yard work for the kids to play with. They were so excited. I was a little nervous that I'd find the snake dead in no time, so I was glad when they quickly lost it.
About a week after we arrived in Washington, we left on a trip to Island Park, Idaho (near Yellowstone) for a family reunion. We all rented a 15 passenger van and filled it up to capacity (okay, 14 people with a million bags and NO storage!). I had anxiety attacks the night before we left because I've come to really dislike road trips with my kids. The lack of sleep, constant stops, whining..., you get the picture? And there were 7 kids in the van!! The drive there was a little difficult, but after the reunion, we headed to Jackson Hole, WY and then on to Utah and took the most beautiful, scenic route. I'll add more pics soon!


julie said...

holy crap!! your all so brave to all be in one car! :)

Darla said...

...bravery shouldn't be mistaken for stupidity. (;

Erin Fletcher said...

Oh great. You came to Utah and you didn't even come and see me. I feel slighted (just kidding, you that)