Saturday, July 5, 2008


it is hard to think that it was a year ago today that darla was racked with pain and i'm sure wondered if she would live to see a new baby. the poor mom truly endured a great deal in order to bring about the june. the june is not used in the same context as the dayne. not yet. the dayne is a little on the crazy fun side. the june is the calming influence in darla's life. i don't think any other child is as wonderful to wake up as june. there is a perpetual smile on her face upon awakening. that is definitely from my side of the family. whenever i call darla and she sounds calm and happy i know that she is holding and looking at june. not to discredit the achievements of the other children who can make their mother laugh and smile. but june is darla's balm. we're glad to have you june bug you are our sweet bebes. happy first birthday

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Eliza Uribe said...

Gees whathappened during her birth?