Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My poor blog is suffering! I never seem to have time to post and it's killing me. And I'm sure a lot of it is because I'm out of my element and trying to figure things out. I'll get this blog up and going again, I promise (not that many of you are missing it). I am looking forward to Cole starting school and soccer, life slowing down a bit, and Geof. possibly having a job where he's home every night. I miss him!! Anyway, we are blessed and our family is so good to us. I miss the very good, true friends we made in Virginia. Sad, I am.


Mindi said...

Darla, I do miss your regular blog updates! I wish Sierra could start soccer with Cole.

J9 said...

Aw, I miss you too! But I am glad you are so busy that you are enjoying life!