Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day

Is it possible to post too many pictures? I think so. Sorry! And I don't even know how to do it the correct way: all in one post. So, here's 4 different posts with as many pics as you could ever want. (:
I'll try to keep things simple and short in my explanations. We decided to go up to Duvall, WA this past Labor Day weekend. My cousin Brian offered his home to us and many other family members visiting from Spokane. His daughter Mackaela (sp?) was getting baptized. We had so much fun! They live on 2/12 acres of bliss up near Seattle. On the drive up I stopped with the kids to get my tires balanced and since I was so close to my cousin Jordan's , I figured we might as well stay the night there to keep my kids and myself sane. Cole and Emma LOVED each other and their little house out in Yelm is located in such a beautiful area. Geof. met us the next day up at Brian where we played games and ate, ate..ate. The next day we went to church with Ellery and Le Anne and then spent some more time with Jordy and Megan. On Monday we went to the kids and my FIRST rodeo. I forgot my camera...or else I'd have pics!! It was pretty fun although I was terrified one of my kids would fall through the bleachers. And there were a few things about animal treatment that bothered me...but, what'dya do? On Tuesday Geof., the kids and I went to Lincoln Park in Seattle. It's right on the water, and although not pictured, there was a saltwater pool right there. It had closed the day before, dang it! We're so happy to have Geof. home for these 6 days. He goes back to St. Louis tomorrow and will be gone most of Sept. Really LAME schedule!
I almost forgot. The pics at the very bottom are of my Aunt Renee, Uncle Bryan, and their daughter Leah who I'm fortunate enough to have live in Battle Ground, only 5 minutes away. Renee feeds us yummy veggies from her garden as soon as we walk in the door. Little June-bug can't get enough of the figs from her fig tree. She eats a good 4-5 every visit! /a>


Brade & Linds said...

You are seriously such a babe and June is so dang cute, I wanna squeeze her. Love the posts!!!

Jordan said...

Glad you could come and visit!! We loved having you! Emma talks about Cole non-stop! hopefully we see you guys again soon!

Jordan said...

that last post was from me.. megan..

julie said...

wow, how'd you get your camera to do that!!! ;) i really do love it though. after using your's i want to go and buy one just like it.

i've been meaning to call you all week. cody started school tuesday and i feel like i haven't been able to sit down for 5 minutes. anyway. next time your in seattle
go check out west seattle too. its rad!! ...instead just come to spokane. it's better here.
love you! julie.

Emily Averett said...

Love the pics, what'd you use to edit them? I need it! 6 days with the husband sound divine, maybe we should come and see you this month since Geof.'ll be gone so much?!