Monday, October 20, 2008


We went to a pumpkin farm last Saturday with Geof.'s dad, his sister and her husband, and some cousins. It was a perfect day. Absolutely perfect. So far the rain here has been just as frequent as any other place I've lived. I realize I have yet to live through a winter, but it's been wonderful and beautiful every day.
Our plan is to move back to Richmond after the holidays (unless some fabulous job presents itself), which is exciting, but also scary. I'm tired of not feeling settled. Of not knowing whether or not we should make friends in a place...which I guess is pretty impossible for us. Yet it's so hard to have to keep leaving 'em behind when it's time to go. Not that we've moved all over the place, I realize that. Geof. and I both feel a need to be settled in an area, to raise our kids there, to make lifelong friends, etc. I guess that time will come...Anyway, enjoy the pics!


julie said...

i love junes bangs... we'll find a place for you to stay if you guys want to come up. my moms going to be down in utah with corinne, but we'll all be here. brian and becca are coming over and uncle gary & kari come every year for thanksgiving too. we'll just have to figure out how to cook the darn dinner without mama.

J9 said...

We'll take you back any day! I miss you!

Emily Averett said...

What gives?, you're supposed to be moving to Alaska! I'm mortally offended!
We watched some home movies over the weekend and came across the video you took of Cole-meant for your Mom-I need to figure out how to get you a copy or something. That time in our life, one little baby a piece, seems so long ago. At one point you and Geof. are talking about how he's going to turn 23 years old the next day!!! We were so little!
And I laughed, and so did Owen, when we watched the footage of him and Cole eating lasagna off the kitchen floor with a toothbrush, SO hilarious!

LOR said...

Your kids are too dang cute Darla, hope all is well with you guys

shivy said...

your hair is looking so cute these days, darla. and i love june's bangs as well. darling.

i can't wait to see you after the new year. we totally want to come down to richmond and actually tour around a bit more, especially now that i'm no longer working on the weekends.