Sunday, November 2, 2008

We'll start with yesterday. We took Cole down to the skate park early so he could get some good riding (bike) in before the big boys showed up. The girls and I tagged along and luckily there were only two younger boys there who didn't mind us taking up the whole bowl. Cole promptly ditched his bike and ran around playing with Daddy. So much fun!

Halloween in downtown Battle Ground. Dayne was the cutest pumpkin. Here she is with Aunt Ellynn.
June was little Red Riding Hood. No matter that she wears this outfit at least once a week. Yes, we were lazy and didn't want to be creative with our 1 yr. old's costume.
June looks so dang cute with a headband. Doesn't last, sadly.
I'm sure Dayne will look back at this pic and wonder, "Really mom? Did you have to put that one in?" Look at that face, though! Dayne's ALWAYS pulling faces like that. And sometimes I do wanna say, "Dayne, you know, it's just not that attractive." But she's 3. Her bangs really are cute when they're not from 1982.
Scary pic, I know. Cole wanted a funny one, though.


Geoffrey said...

that picture still has me in awe of little dayners. she is a butt kicker.

Emily Averett said...

Fun, fun, fun, funny, funny, fun, fun! (Just pretend I;, singing that to you!) That picture of you is have nice teeth ( I really mean that!) I love the picture of Geof pushing up Dayne with his head! Dad's are awesome. Does Cole really ride his bike down off those edges??? I would pee my pants if I had to do that! If he does, I'm not surprised, he'd be really good at that sort of thing, no fear and all. We miss you!

Jessica said...

Too cute! I love the scary/funny pic.. And, I want to eat June up! What a doll!! :)

julie said...

geez darla, don't you ever change your kids diaper?

Angie said...

Love the family already and I haven't even met them.

Forever Young said...

Love that last picture. I think we all feel like that sometimes:)