Saturday, March 21, 2009

A day through Cole's eyes

Cole wanted to take our old camera off our hands. We happily obliged. I wish I could post all his funny pics on here..but I'll entertain you with just a few right now.
Look at that angle! Boy, does he have an eye for art!
Cole's new little cousin Finn. He and his mama Ellynn were over here the other day and we were watching little Finners on the chair while she was making biscuits. Cole got quite a few cute shots of him.
Dayne gets Geof.'s books out and goes on and on "reading" them. Such a creative minded kid!

I think this was a Sat. cleaning up and the kids creating more mess for me to clean up. Don't I look lovely? (:


Emily said...

Those are impressive, really! He actually has an entire person in the picture, rather then a nose, an arm, a wall, etc.

Megan Erickson said...

11 weeks 5 days prego with only 198 days to go.. kind of confusing I guess. seems like so far away! Sorry I didn't get to come down this last weekend. I just couldn't ditch out on teaching primary again!

Forever Young said...

Hot PJ's Darla!!! Just kidding... I have to wear comfy pants when I'm cleaning.