Thursday, April 30, 2009


Happy Birthday Dayne,

Dayne, you are the greatest. Thank you for always singing songs, waking us up, making sure our cars start, and making sure you're the center of our attention. There's no better way to wake up then having your scratchy voice in my ear telling me that you want cereal. Thank you for always dancing, and distributing your beautiful smile to all of us. I love you very much and can't wait to take you on a birthday date.


emily alex sarabia bunch said...

when do you leave we just got back from out trip last thursday but miss u much happy birthday to beautiful dayne

Emily said...

That was a LOVELY you think I could download it off itunes by chance? I sure hope so.
Happy Birthday Dayne! Laughing about the waking up to her asking for cereal first thing every morning...that's classic Eden too. Although most mornings I don't find it all that cute, does that make me a bad person? Just wondering.

Walnut said...

motab. we got some new talent