Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring break

Geof. took a test on Friday just north of Seattle to apply for the police department. We decided to go with him and fit some time in to visit a few of my cousins who live up north. The latter end of the trip (Sat. and Sunday) were spent with my cousin Jordan and his family. Here are the kids during the break between sessions of Gen. Conference. There's nothing like an abandoned field with all sorts of debris to climb over. A sweet moment between Dayne and Geof. Good thing he's around to balance things out between crazy me and crazy Dayne. Like mother, like daughter.

Cole and his little cousin Dottie were quite fond of each 0ther. Dottie's almost 3 and generally Cole shows no interest in kids younger than him.., but there was actually a little flirting going on between the two (if you can actually call it "flirting").

Jordan, Megan, Dottie, and Emma.

Thursday and Friday were spent up in Duvall, WA with my cousin Brian and his family. The kids had so much fun in their great 4-wheeling yard. Thank you Brian!!

Makaela and Dayne. These 2 girls (Isabel pictured up top with June) were so good and patient with my kids. They made it very enjoyable for me who usually stresses with these kind of visits (any kind, actually).
Cole was THRILLED to ride the 4-wheeler all by himself!! So thrilled, in fact, that he ran right into Brian's new Toyota truck. ugh.

Impaired vision? This is how Dayne looked most of the time. The helmet was way too big and she was too scared to let go with one hand to hold it down.

Love this pic.


Emily said...

I guess this post answered my email question about how your cousins visit was...DANG fun that's what it was! Cole running into the truck sounds like Owen's running into a tree with the snowmachine a few months back! Can you imagine if we ever got them together for an activity like that? They would be seriously injured or dead. Not good!
Glad you got a break from typical day-to-day life, that's always good!

Gina said...

So this is what you did on spring break. How did the test go? I have never been to seatle and would love to go. You guys know how to have fun! There is so much I could learn from you. More than just learning how to have fun.

kristenhcubed said...

Nate and I always joke that anyone who lives around here long enough will decide to become a cop. See!

Good luck to Geoff.