Sunday, April 12, 2009


We'll miss you Sister Kelly!! Sis. Clarissa Kelly was transfered last week. She'd been living upstairs for more than 7 months. She taught June to walk (really!), she played with Cole daily, she LOVED my kids. I love her. We can't wait to see her again.

Getting ready for the photo shoot with Sis. Kelly. We took a bunch of cute pics and made a book for her.

Last week (I think Monday?) we had the most beautiful Spring day ever!! I've never experienced a more perfect day. Or could it possibly be the fact that it'd be rainy and overcast for so long and we were so happy for sun..??! We went to a nearby park, and it felt like heaven.

What Cole does at parks. No swings, no slides.., just climbs.
On our way to the car, they saw this blossomed tree and had to throw their shoes to the ground and climb it.

Geof. met us here after work. He's making fun of this particular photo shoot (if you can't tell by the look on his face).

Cole trying to give me a "manly" pose out by grandma's pink trees.


Lindsay said...

wow, it looks gorgeous there. i love the pink trees. and the pic at the very top of dayne looks so much like cole. i cant believe it. soooo cute. COME VISIT ALREADY!!!

lindsey said...

it's true you don't know how much you had missed the sun or the birds chirping until you feel or hear them again! what a fun spring day you had...