Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just want to make it clear that I'm extremely, EXTREMELY, excited to be moving back to Richmond. We enjoyed out time so much out there and can't wait to experience more (now that gas isn't $4/gallon and hopefully Geof. will make enough money to afford a few trips here and there)!! We love our friends and can't be more grateful for this opportunity the Roberts have given Geof. to become a home appraiser. He's very happy so far and is learning a ton. He feels very comfortable with what he's doing and says the job fits him perfectly. YES! So, I guess the kids and I are flying out May 8th-ish. Wish us luck! We ALWAYS need it.
~about the kids: Cole is 6, doing Tae Kwon Do. Not really lovin' it. Wants to do soccer. Enjoys school but fights going every day. Hates the rain. Trys really hard to be a good big brother. Adores little June bug.
Dayne: 4 on Friday. Wants balloons, bandaids, and a date with mom and dad (oh, and I musn't forget the bike we've been promising her). Has the greatest smile ever and my goal SHOULD be to get it out of her at least 20 times a day. Still has a rough, low,alto voice that everyone (except for my brother Bevan and his wife Camille) love. Talks my head off all day long and follows me around the house making up all sorts of dialogue. Quite the funny girl.
Juney bug is nearing 2 (I mention that a lot, don't I?). She's still finds herself wrapped up in my arms on my lap often, and I can't complain, but the whining HAS to stop! It must be a girl thing. She and Dayne are within a few feet of me most of the day and I'm slowly accepting this difference between my daughters and my son and I know will greatly appreciate it when they're married and come back to visit.


Marisa said...

Awesome! I'm so glad things are looking up for you guys.

Rocia said...

dang, we were hoping you were slowly moving closer and closer to california and eventually closer to us. we love you guys and are happy you are happy.

Rocia said...

p.s. love your news sweet.

julie said...

darla, i was completely kidding, but you know that right? we're really happy geof found a great job and you guys are happy. it would be fun to try and meet somewhere before you leave!!

Michelle said...

oh, that makes me so homesick! I am planning a visit to richmond this summer. I'll have to visit you guys! i am so happy you get to go back there.