Saturday, May 16, 2009


We made it to Richmond!! We left Monday night at 10:15 pm, the kids slept about 2 hrs. (I slept a good 45 min.) of that 4 1/2 hr. flight to Atlanta. When we landed, I kind of just sat there. "What do I do?? I have three sleeping kids, a huge double jogging stroller, and 4 bags to try to haul off of here." To my relief came a nice gentlemen to help me with my stroller while another mom stayed with my sleeping kids. They were awake after that and we managed to get to Richmond safely (and thankfully we snagged a 3 1/2 hr. nap shortly after arrived). I love the house. 1500+ sq. footage is more than I've ever had and I can't be happier. Of course, with a home being as old as this one (I think it was built sometime in the 50s), there's a lot of dirt to clean up after...I don't mind MY dirt, but other people's? I'll post pics soon. I've been on a cleaning/unpacking frenzy, had a little meltdown last night.., and should be okay now that I found a fabulous couch and chair at Goodwill and the house is finally feeling like we can LIVE in it. Yippee!! Congrats to my brother in law Adam and sil Mindi for their new little one, Ruby!! Cutest name ever!

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Lindsay said...

yay for you. yay for us. im SO glad you guys are back!!!