Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Richmond Metro Zoo

Yesterday providence intervened in our life, and I was able to go with Cole on his field trip to the zoo. I was so happy..and I think he was too. I haven't been able to do anything like this with him-only once did I volunteer in his class in Washington, so it was so nice. June's eyes and nose had been so goopy and gross, that I couldn't find someone to babysit (nor would I have dropped off a sick kid, mind you). Turns out it was an allergy-not contagious. Lots of other parents signed up to go as well, so it was just me, Cole, and Elijah, a sweet boy from his class. I posted the pics wrong, so they're in order from last to first. First, take a look a June, who's eyes are finally recovering!
It was a hot day at the zoo!! The kids were exhausted and Cole and his new best friend from school, Jeffrey, fell asleep on the bus! Couldn't believe it! Hot and sleepy Cole trekking back to the buses.

Cole was most interested in finding the giant tortoise. Must have gotten that from Uncle Chris. He loved it.

These funny things are new at the zoo, I think. I believe they're old ski lifts made new. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but we're definitely riding one next time.

When we got there, we dropped off our lunches and were escorted to a mini amphitheatre for a presentation. I'm thinking, "really? Get off the long, hot bus ride and make 70-ish Kindergartners sit for 20 minutes?". Turns out it was fantastic! My (and the kid's, I believe) favorite part. They began by talking about 3 different types of animals: mammals, reptiles, and birds. And then they brought out these three guys to demonstrate. I wanted to hold this little orangutan so bad. I felt like a little kid..gotta hold it, gotta touch it..

Of course the boys were SO excited about this albino boa constrictor. I wasn't too nervous since we grew up with a few snakes around the house, but this one kept tying himself around her leg and waist while she's explaining to us what "constrictors" do to kill their prey. (They tie 'em up in a knot and suffocate them..)

Don't know what it is about penguins lately; movies, movies, and more movies..., but they are fascinating. Here I was again wanting to hold it so bad!

On our way to the zoo in the bumpy, hot bus!


Emily said...

I bet you're the funnest, cutest (seriously, you look great--why is my face so fat compared to yours?!?!), coolest Mom on field trips! I'm glad you go to go, that one on one time with each kids is so important, but so hard to manage...poor June, glad to hear she's doing better though!
And those skyride things at the zoo are awesome, you should definitely ride them next time!

Michelle said...

Awww, that place makes me smile. Kyle and I actually met for the first time at the Metro zoo. The owner is LDS and happened to be the bishop of our singles ward when Kyle moved to Richmond to sell pest control for the summer. Bishop Andelin hosted a break the fast at the zoo pavilion and the rest is history!

Those ski lift things are SO cool!

Glad you got to tag along on a field trip for the day!