Friday, July 31, 2009

Geof. wrote our annual Family Newsletter for his Dad's family reunion. I thought it would be fun to share.

Dear Bennett family of the West,

Well, the Geoffrey and Darla Bennett family have had a somewhat tumultuous year. As with most citizens of the world, the change in the economic climate allowed us to re-analyze our family’s goals and make the following changes:

Cole decided he’d go back to school and continue his educational pursuits. He enjoyed attending school in Washington and then making a smooth transition into the all day kindergarten program back here in Richmond, VA. After Cole’s father swindled a local kid at a garage sale for a new bike Cole has not sat still. He’ll ride his bike any chance he gets; day, night, dusk, when we’re trying to get in the car, when he’s supposed to be cleaning his room, etc… Cole is so good on his bike he can tease his sister while riding with no hands. Multi Tasker. Cole is our sweet boy who always keeps us on our toes as well as on our knees.

Dayne has decided that this plane of existence is dull, and therefore is often in another dimension. She enjoys her own set of rules and listens to voices of authority she deems worthy of her time. While her mother and I are not among those voices, we luckily are brought into Dayne’s circle of love. Dayners (as we so lovingly refer to her)is the funniest, singingest, most independent girl we’ve ever seen. Each morning she comes into our room and informs us that she is hungry and wants to eat. I usually do what she asks because she’s cute and gives the best hugs ever.

June is the most spoiled of all children. We, as a collective family, do as June desires. She is a child that does not like being told no or being held back from doing anything. June has begun to climb on everything she can find, which has earned her lots of welts on the head. Currently the rest of the family is working with a therapist to come up with ways of resisting doing whatever she wants, and he says that we’re close to making a real breakthrough.

Darla and I have had a crazy time over the past while. Darla has put our new little rental home in order and is busily painting all of the rooms. She’s preparing to run a half marathon in Sept. and is making me look like an old man. In February, I quit my job as a pilot. Although I loved sitting in ghetto hotels and airports all day eating pretzels when I could sneak them past the aged flight attendants, we figured it was time to make more than minimum wage. So I headed back to Richmond to work with a company doing real estate appraisal. Much better. Same bed every night and the kids age more slowly.

We love the East and were even able to sit at the base of the Washington Monument this year to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Sorry we couldn’t see you guys this year but as always we love you and want you to know you’re always welcome to come visit. We’re ridiculously close to a number of historical and fascinating sites.

Hope to see you all soon!!


The Geof., Darla, Cole, Dayne, and June Bennett clan July 2009


Lisa said...

LOVE it!

The Morrow Family said...

Darla, you're so good at posting on your blog... like everyday! East coasting is so fun! I miss it. (Don't forget to check out Lancaster County in PA). I was checking out your contacts and saw Aubrey Spencer. She's in my stake here in TX-- I actually went to her house once for book group. Small world! Good luck on your half marathon, wonder woman!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

I love your awesome family!!!!And I see here you can BOTH write well ;)

Emily said...

I love this letter! Totally chock full of Geof's humor, man we miss you guys! The image of Cole on his bike non-stop is hilarious, why are boys so tuned-out?!

emily alex sarabia bunch said...

soo funny need a good laugh hope to get out there soon. 'Alex agrees I need a break.

Brooke said...

As always, my brother is so witty!

Terresa said...

I'd be honored if you want to put a link on your blog to mine, and/or to my "Breathe" post.

PS: Stop by for a chocolate chip waffle anytime! ;)