Friday, July 10, 2009

If you build it, won't they come?

Before I left to come back to Richmond, my good friend Nikki gave me one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. It's almost as if she'd figured me out in the short time we'd come to know eachother. She knew I loved all the flowers she had around her perfect little house, so she gave me some bulbs to plant when I moved in (the kids planted them, btw, and they're coming up all over-in the strangest places-it's really quite funny). She also gave me Sour Patch Kids, noticing that I devoured quite a bit when I was at her house one time, and thought I might need a bag to myself (I can't eat those like I used to-my teeth start hurting almost instantly, dang it!). She'd overheard me say at one point that the brown tootsie roll pops are my favorite-and a bunch of those were found in my gift bag-it was great! I won't forget the darling head bands that I'd mentioned I wanted to buy-the kind with the great big flowers on them, you know? And there they were-in my gift from Nikki! How perfect was she to know all these things about me?! And lastly (the reason for the pic at the top of this post), she included a hummingbird feeder. She knew I LOVED that she had one right outside her kitchen window and could watch hummingbirds come along flapping their wings at an astonishing rate-all while she hummed along doing dishes (am I right, Nikki? (;
As soon as we got here, I bought some hummingbird juice, filled up the feeder, and stuck in right outside MY kitchen window..., and waited, and waited. Nothing. NOTHING! It's been what-almost 2 months? I even emptied the feeder out, cleaned it, and put more in (even though the bottle said that was unnecessary). So I'm a little sad no little hummingbirds have come across the endless meal waiting for them in my back window. What do I do? Any suggestions?!
Thank you, by the way, Nikki-for possibly the most thoughtful gift ever received.


Brady Andersen said...

You might try hanging pictures of nude female hummingbirds on the bird feeder. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

Renae said...

Oh my gosh! You had another kid (maybe I knew that:D). Very cute! How fun to be in DC. I've never been much of a fan of big cities, but I'd like to visit!

We're still in Eagle Mountain, UT. Going on 3 years. We like it. Josh works from home for Utah Virtual Academy. He was social science teacher/advisor. Now he's counselor/advisor. He really likes it and the kids enjoy having him home:D I keep super busy with 4 kids (think I'm done!) It was fun to hear from you. I'll try to be better about keeping in touch!

Gina said...

If only I could have let you know how much I appreciated our friendship before you left. I think you are one in a lifetime kind of gal. Good luck on your humming bird wanting!

julie said...

try a hanging bleeding heart plant.... my hummingbird feeder doesnt work eaither but the plant makes them swarm.

Hurliman Family Blog said...

I also recommend the naked picture. I have one of Mike hanging out there, it works wonders! No really, a plant of some kind. Look online and find out what plants atract them and will grow in your area. Research,research,research! So do that with all the spare time you must have. I miss you Darla, I want to come over there so bad!!!! We will next summer or sooner--- we are going!!! Love you!!!!!!