Saturday, July 18, 2009

more creativity

This was last week sometime, during the girls nap. Hm..what to do, mom? So he went out and dug in the dirt. Yay for dirt and shovels!

And June, having discovered my make-up bag, decided that putting mascara on your lips was a lot more fun than on your eyes. And she did all this right out in the open family room..don't know why we didn't catch on to what was happening. Dayne's just happy it wasn't her getting caught. She's smart, she finds a closet to hide in to do her make-up.

I told June to smile for the pic, here's the result.

Cole had his good friend Michael over for a sleepover last night. He was in heaven! Michael's so good for Cole. They were on the trampoline for a good part of the night (yes, it was dark) doing ninja moves and jump kicks at each other. Cole couldn't of been happier..neither could I.
~just realized this video is too dark to see. The boys were sweating like crazy when they came in!

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Emily said...

I love the creativity! Why are girls so predicatable when it comes to make-up? My mom's got some stories about me and her make-up...lots of squished lipsticks. Ninja-move, trampoline sleep-overs sound awfully fun, wish Owen could join in with them!