Friday, August 21, 2009

My house stinks!

What do you do for stinky house problems? My home is old, you know..., 1950's old. The carpet isn't too bad, just gone through a few renters, I'm sure. Every time I walk in the door there's a hint of cigarette, rotten food, stinky diapers, you name it. I've painted my walls, cleaned the carpet, wiped down the kitchen (all the cupboards, etc.). Is there any other remedy? Yes, I've used candles, but they kind of just ADD another smell, they don't really take away the smell, ya know?
Well. This is boring. Maybe I should update what's happenin' with the fam.
...not much. (;
My bike has been fixed and we have our bike trailer back from our friends who so kindly kept it for us when we were in WA. I LOVE biking! My kids love it, and now we have a way to get out and enjoy the hot, humid, summer evenings. And the beebs are actually going to bed at a more decent hour thanks to the bike riding. Geof. and I had a wonderful date the other night. Just me and him, yummy Mexican food, a dip in the river after dark (yes, we did have to wear our swimsuits, darn it!). I can't tell you how important those once a week dates are for my sanity (and Geof.'s!). And they make me realize (of course) how much I love this guy that I see daily, talk to sometimes (when the kids aren't completely taking over all forms of communication), and sleep next to. I heart Geof. I do.

I haven't taken any recent pics.'s some old ones I love and I'm sure I've posted more than once. Post are always more fun with pics to look at, right? I'm off to make french toast for dinner (with watermelon!).


Emily said...

No advice for the stinky house problem other than I probably could use some help in that department myself...and your date with Geof. complete with dip in the river sounds amazing, guess I could always take Derek for a dip in a nearby silty, glacial river!

Mindi said...

Where did the picture of the turquoise kitchen come from? I love it. Try dusting the carpet with baking soda then vac. it all up. Not sure if that'll work, just thought I'd throw that out there.

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Don't worry about the smell. It is the Spirit of the home that is most important and it's readily apparent that you and Geof are doing all you can to invite the Spirit in. Love ya,

Gina said...

I feel the same way about my house, then we realized the stinky diaper smell was coming from the pile of diapers in the garage. The weather stripping isn't doing it's job. In your situation, I bet the humidity doesn't help. But maybe other people don't notice it as much as you. Or maybe they are thinking a sigh of relief, that they are not the only ones that have house smells. On that note... It looks like you are making a life worth living. The bikes, the date, trips, and more.

Heidi Crosby said...

Try getting a couple of houseplants. You know, the kind that doesn't require much sun. Put one in each of the main living areas. They are natural air purifiers. Instead of adding to or masking the smell, they take CO2 from the air and emit pure, non-smelly oxygen. I've had some luck with this in getting smokey craigslist furniture to stop stinking. Plus, they add to the decor anyway.