Friday, September 18, 2009

Major Dayne update

~before I start my LONG post about Dayne, I'll explain the music change. I'm training for a half marathon. Alright, not really "training", just running more than I'd like to (I don't have the time!) and last Sat. while doing my long run, I found Billy Joel on my iPod. Wow! I didn't realize what a great artist he was! So many great songs. It made me happy.

Dayne wants to be in school. Ever since Cole started, she can't stop talking about her "first day of school". She's very into picking out her outfit for each new day (and mine.., and June's) and talks incessantly about Kindergarten. She doesn't seem to understand that one year is a very long time from now. I'm planning on starting a preschool co-op with some girls from my ward in the next few weeks, so that should help, but I really feel that Dayne would benefit BIG TIME (oh, and I'll benefit as well..) from going to an actual classroom setting and interacting with a group of kids. You see, out east Kindergarten is all day, everyday. That would be a HUGE transition from what we're doing right now. Which is a whole lot of NOTHING. I tried doing letters and sounds with Dayne today, which she happily responded too, but I'll be honest, I'm the lazy one. Yes, me.

She picked this extremely cute outfit out yesterday and since it's so hard to get a pic of Dayne with hair done and matching clothes, I snapped away.

She didn't understand my request to "pose" so she started dancing, instead. Hey, that works.

2 days ago, I thought it'd be a fun outing to take the girls on the bus to Dayne's urology appt. downtown (that and I didn't have a car to get there). Dayne picked out the outfits (the only matching outfits I've ever bought) and they got a huge amount of attention from the downtown crowd.

Yes, June knocked over that bike. I did run over right away and fix it. Darn picture taker that I am...not properly watching my kids.

June loved it and talked non-stop.

I think Dayne was feeling similar to her mom-a bit carsick.


Emily said...

Your girls are beautiful! (Just like their mother, right?!) Looks like they have the same modesty while wearing a dress issue as Eden though! All Sunday long we're having to remind her to ...keep your legs down, closed, etc. etc. Sweet Dayne! She was just a baby-sort of-when you left us and now she's a big girl. Eden's loving preschool as well girls are just better that way it seems, more interactive and so on, it's too bad they can't go together!

Andrea said...

Your girls look like mini-Darlas! My mom dressed Mandy and I alike all the time. Fun memories! P.S. I love the silver high tops!

J9 said...

The girls looked darling! I'm glad you took pictures in spite of being sick. Oh, and I LOVE BILLY JOEL!!! When I was in college, I used to crank it up LOUD when I was cleaning the apartment on Saturdays! Your music brought back memories!