Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving without Geof.



..and even more bored (mostly just sad he doesn't have a buddy with to play XBOX).

...and me? No, I'm fine. Really, I am.

(we really are fine. Geof.'s in Utah for a best friend's wedding. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with some new friends from our ward. They had kids our ages. Yah for that!)
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Emily said...

Well at least there's probably leftover peach cobbler to console yourself with right?
Our was lame-ish too, like I said it would be. We ate popcorn at the movie theatre and the malt-o-meal for dinner! I'm laughing cause it's pathetic and funny to me! But, hey, at least my tile is grouted. It was worth it. and there's always next year right!?

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Such a sorry and forelorn look on you all. Feel bad that your sweetheart couldn't be there on for your day of gratitude. Be thankful for him and those beautiful kiddos. Love the pics as usual.
We had our turkey day at Glen and Amy's on Thursday and aother T day at Julie's ward building in Orangevale.
Love, Dad and Mumsy

Mindi said...

I've been thinking about you! I only had to spend one day minus Adam at my parent's log house. I drove up with the kids on Wednesday, but Adam insisted that playing football with his guy friends on Thanksgiving is as important as eating turkey, so he came up Thursday afternoon. Hope Geof. gets home quickly and safely.