Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This post might bore you, but it's done mostly for Geof., our historian. We went to Fredericksburg on Sunday after church. It's about an hour north of us. We went to check out a battlefield up there-one I wasn't aware (no surprise) was so famous. Geof. loves this kind of stuff. The few times he's teared up in our marriage have been when he's talked about either the Civil War or WW II. To think that so many men who died during the Civil War were so new to our country; "fresh off the boat", so to speak. Many of the gravestones we saw didn't even have names on them--just the plot number, and in some cases, a number stating how many bodies were buried there (I didn't see more than 4...but how sad is that?).

The kids were respectful as we could expect and didn't walk all over the gravestones, but we couldn't get them to stay off of the canon. Geof. even climbed on it a bit.

When we first arrived, we saw a dalmatian that I knew June would be ecstatic about (along with Sleeping Beauty, she watches 101 Dalmatians at least twice a week now).


Emily said...

So that HOUSE, that ROCK WALL, the HISTORY! (The capital letters). I can't take it! When's it our turn to visit? And I need to tell you how much I love when you do videos, your voices and facial expressions (Geof.). Goll dangit we miss you guys! (and glad to know your children talk over each other and interrupt and ask to be watched at least as much as mine!)

Andrea said...

Not boring! I'm glad there are people out there who take the time to learn about, appreciate, and remember those who fight/fought for this country! I know Craig would love to live out east to be near so many historical sites. He'd be in heaven. As for the adoption stuff, we're still finishing up paperwork.... hopefully we'll be approved in the next couple of months, and then see what happens! sorry this comment is so long :)

Our Blog Spot said...



When should we come visit? Seriously? You guys going to be around for a while??

ivyjeanne said...

Neat.We've been wanting to make it down there for a while. We think about doing it on the weekends and worry about the hours of traffic we might get stuck in. Definitely ylooks like it would be worth the effort. Shane has been before but I haven't.

jerusharen said...

Mike is so into war history and I am into family history. I could spend hours in a cemetery "meeting" people and learning a little about their story. Mike teases me sometimes because I enjoy going (I am a volunteer headstone photographer for families that live too far to come). Cemeteries are not a creepy or scary place for me. If I were ever locked in over night would be more afraid of the living bothering me than the dead. TMI
I love the rich history in the Eastern states. I'm so glad that your family takes all these opportunities to live and learn to the fullest. You make it happen. What a rich childhood your children are experiencing.