Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're stuck (and Happy 28th to Fenton!!)

Who would've known we'd need snow clothes in Richmond?!! Here we are stuck indoors again due to a bunch of cotton clothes. ): I''ve gotta get my hands on some fleece and wool for next winter. Anyway, the kids are happy. Dayne has already trudged outside once with rain boots , leggings, and a rain jacket. She lasted a good 3 minutes and was back inside. No tears this time. Cole could sit and play video games all day (although we've cut it back to only 3 hours on Saturdays). June is pretty happy roaming around the house, but Dayne?! This girl is so active lately. I can't get her to sit still! I'm off to make snowflakes with her. Happy Sat. to everyone! I'm dreaming of camping in Florida Keys right now..

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Emily said...

Look at how tall and skinny Cole is! Pretty sweet moves your kids have got there, I'm sure they get it all from Geof.! And muahaha about the snow--sorry couldn't resist coming from the frozen north. Actually things are looking up here, noticeabley more sunlight and highs above zero, downright balmy if you ask me.
So is Fenton still in China? I'd love to see some more pictures if you have them! If he reads your blog, he'll probably think this comment is weird, seeing how we've never even met before!