Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready for Spring

Yesterday was a little warmer than our last few months of FREEZING have been. I think it might have even reached 50. Oh, heaven. I insisted Cole go outside and play on the tramp with Dayne after school. He threw quite the fit, "It's too cold!! I don't wanna go out!". Wow. I guess we've really had a crummy winter if it's messed with my seven year old (BOY!) psyche that much.

I still made him go out.

I need to remind myself more often, that when the girls are getting whiny and following me around the house (due to boredom), to turn the music on! As soon as I did this, they ran to their rooms and changed into ballerina outfits. Too cute. Don't mind my tacky house and especially the playroom furnishings. Oh, and the mess. I could say it's because I'm hobbling around with this bad knee still, but it always gets like that in the course of a day's activities.

Dayne's been saying the funniest stuff lately!! And I always forget to post it. I actually wrote down what she said in the van yesterday so I wouldn't forget. We've been talking about Kindergarten a lot (mostly because I still can't BELIEVE she's turning 5 in 2 1/2 short months!!) and Dayne either gets really excited, or plays as if she hates Kindergarten. Yesterday when discussing her starting in 6 months, she said, "I don't want to start Kindergarten, I only want to get married."...and then she thought about it a little bit, "The boys are gonna be teasing me and liking me a lot". Saying that last part brought a smile to her lips. ooh...I'm in for it.

I'm remembering more! A few weeks ago she was talking about getting married (again) and said, "I don't want to leave you guys. I wanna live here forever! I don't want to get married!". But after letting those words sink in, she came back with this, "But I do want to wear a beautiful white wedding dress."

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Heidi Crosby said...

You know you are doing a great job because despite any frustration and discouragement you may feel day to day, your kids want to be in your home, with you...forever! That's a good sign that you are doing great things!