Monday, March 29, 2010

Geof.'s NOT lazy..., just so you know.

Geof. ran the Monument Avenue 10K for me this year. He did surprise. When I told him he was a natural runner, though, it bugged him. (??) Sorry, Geof. You ARE a great runner and no, you didn't train for the race, so be satisfied that it's just plain easy for you to do anything active. This doesn't mean you sit around on the couch all day and then get up and decided to run a race the next, either. (; (If you didn't follow what I was trying to say in the last few sentences, don't worry about it. I just had to get the last word in with Geof.)

The kids and I froze and never actually saw Geof. running. I told them to look at any of the bald guys running and imagine them to be daddy. It kinda worked. I got lost on my path from the starting point to the end and I guess Geof. finished way before I even got there (there was over 30,000 runners, so a lot of different starting times). Poor Geof. waited at our meeting place for well over what, 40 minutes? wet from sweat and freezing from the wind gushing all around him (he said it was like a tunnel-our meeting place). All in all, it was good to get out. It's always good to get out when Spring is in the air.

-I added a disgruntled pic of myself (no, I really wasn't that unhappy. Just thought I looked so in the pic), and a few others of the houses near where the race occurred. Golly, we'd love to purchase one of these homes..


Emily said...

Way to go Geof.!

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Congrats Geoff, and boy do you guys get WEATHER this year!! Rain like crazy too? We just watch the weather news and think of you. About those lovely homes...the old architecture of bygone years makes us all ache. So beautiful, and even when new ones try to copy, they lack the "craftsman" details inside. I'm still waiting for the green piano photo if you have it. Mom

Sarah said...

Way to go! Sorry we couldn't join you guys. I would still love to go swimming with sometime. Or even bike riding. Game?