Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm in love with the sun

We can go outside!! How happy that makes us. Geof. is happiest of all, I believe. Today he got out of the shower and said, "I can't tell you how good it feels to put a t-shirt on, no socks, and to not freeze in our house!" I agree. We went to the river before church on Sunday. Other than the warmer weather, the trees are still bare and it doesn't look at all like Spring. I give it a few weeks. Cole was begging to swim in our beloved James. We wish that river was right in our back yard (except for the nasty mosquitos it would attract). Geof. turns 30 on St. Patty's Day, I'm going to Wicked on Thursday, my cousin Kambria flew out from SF and we had a nice visit on Sat., and my knee is actually starting to feel a little more like I could actually run (or bike, or walk, or even jump) again! Our Dr. friend said hopefully within 3-4 weeks I'll feel good again. I don't think I'll be able to run the 10K I'd signed up for at the end of the month, though. ):

I've been to two deep water aerobic classes at the gym. I'm by far the youngest member, but who knew you could really get your heart rate up doing those classes? I really like it. I'll definitely try and continue doing it even after my knee is better. The old ladies I swim with are really sweet, too.
They're very encouraging.

Cole is hating school. Sometimes I read my girl friend's blogs who have girls, and they go on and on about how much their girls love school. Is it a girl thing? Cole can't stand it. It's a fight almost everyday to get him there. However, I didn't like the thought of going to school, either (that I can remember). He feels happy when he comes home. Is that a good sign? On Thurday, though, he came home with a nasty bump on his head and a raw scratched up face. I guess during recess he and a girl had collided (causing the goose egg on his forehead), and when he was running home he was turned around yelling at the kid chasing him (no worries, a friend) and ran right into a tree! When he told me (sobbingly..not a word), I showed concern and empathy, but I couldn't help the grin forming on my face. Made Cole laugh a little, too. Poor guy. So, I do think I'll try homeschooling next year if he still hates it. I think what bugs me most about his school is that after being gone for what, almost 7 hours a day?...he STILL comes home with homework. Not a lot, but more than he should. He's seven years old, for heaven's sakes! Good grief.

We'll see how Dayne does. She still loves reading to herself and seems to enjoy learning more. I think Kindergarten will be so fun for her (since she hasn't even done any preschool).

And Cole? Cole loves light sabers. He's a pro Jedi now, and I need to take that more seriously. (;
I was sitting in Math class tonight thinking about how I can focus more on Cole's strengths and interests. His strengths and interests have been and always will be his agility, and his ABility to MOVE! I gotta buy him a light saber. He found a perfect stick that he's been using for the last 2 weeks instead. He LOVES it. He puts it in the same spot every night and doesn't want anyone else touching it. And throughout the day I can see him moving his arms in all directions as if using it (even during class..I know, because I volunteered to come in last week.). That child is special.


Our Blog Spot said...

Oh my gosh! His face! Is it awful that I can't stop laughing? A tree?! Oh dear.

Romney Family said...

I feel the same way about homework. ALyssa has had hours of it since she was in kindergarten. I swear we never had homework until the 3 grade!!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

Poor Cole. I feel bad that he hates school. I think it is maybe a long phase??? I hope. I remember not liking school for periods of time throughout, but loving it others. So I think you all should just stick it out (who knows???) We too are in love with the sun and feel the same way about TIRED OF THE JUNK WEATHER!!!! I am ready for spring!!! Are you guys coming over this summer? I need to know. I need to plan for it. It will be a great day for me to see you again!!! You guys all look so happy!!

Gina said...

Darla, I have to tell you that I hated school from day one to graduation. I really really hated it. And in elementary I would get sick to my stomach just thinking about having to go back after a nice weekend.
I don't think it is abnormal for cole. You sure you want to homeschool?

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Poor Cole!! Kiss his bumpy head for Gma Beth. You know how I feel about public schools (not all the same) and esp. homework in ele. school. After hours in school, they need to come home, play, do "real homework" ( a pm chore), then play some more, eat and head for bed. Scream!

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Wounderful pictures Darla. We love you. Dad