Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a little sun will do to ya..

My girls have Spring fever. Mid morning they came in the bathroom modeling Dayne's summer dresses and mom's flower clips in their hair. We took Dayne in today to get a water proof cast (after the non-water proof one proved to be too nasty for my taste when Dayne wet the bed (and her cast) and there was nothing I could do about it). When I was at "Wicked" last Thursday night and Geof. was trying to babysit/get some work done, Dayne climbed up into her window (like she always does) and fell off, rolling her ankle. They thinks its a cracked growth plate.


No, not fun at all!

And my knee isn't healed! We're quite the pair.

As soon as we came home from recasting her, she and June grabbed their swimsuits and ran out to the trampoline. At this very moment Dayne keeps filling up her tiny plastic IKEA cup full of water and throwing it on the tramp. Too bad we don't have a sprinkler...

p.s. Does Dayne not look 16 and gorgeous? Not that I want her to look that old (at all!!), but sometimes I see her as a beautiful teenager and it scares the cr*p outta me.

p.p.s. The doctor said it was fine that she walk (jump?) on it. Yes, I know she's crazy, though.


Emily said...

A pee cast? Ewww! My kids are both still in nighttime diapers, are you kidding me? Took Owen to the dr and she basically said "he'll grow out of it". nice. We're ready for spring too, break-up should start any day now, which means MUD! And since we've no grass, I;m sure it will be lovely all year round, from mud to silty dust, yay! But at least it will be warm and green again. Can't wait to see your too-cute girls!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

they are so cute and yes, just picture yourself as a teen and that is what Dayne will look like-Watch out for that!!- Sorry about her ankle, poor baby. My babies have never ending diarrhea!! It is awful. We are having major nice weather and they can't (we can't) enjoy it because they are so miserable. If you get a chance to look at my pics on FB you will regognize that cute dress you gave us before you left. I almost waited too long to put it on Riley, but I love it!!


Marisa said...

Yeah, your kids are models. Good luck with that.

GeorgeAndBethness said...

I had to read all of your posts to know why in heaven's name Dayne was in a CAST!! Come on? give the kids a kiss from me. Mom

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Gollum we sure love our granddaughters and grand son. We even like our son-in-law. Keep up the good work Darla and Geof and another belated happy birthday.

Love Dad and Mom Erickson