Tuesday, April 13, 2010

late Easter post

We had a pretty quiet Easter this year (as opposed to other years?!). I'm trying to get used to living out east without family and figuring out how to create memories and traditions with my own family...without any help from an older, wiser generation. Anyway, we decorated eggs and hid them at a local park, over and over again. The kids loved it, and surprisingly, Geof. and I did too. The day before Easter we headed over to Maymont park (a huge 100 acre estate that the city of Richmond has inherited? Been gifted? Who knows..). Anyway, they strategically hid 100 eggs. That's ONE egg to every acre. No, we didn't find an egg. We saw one person who did, but most were like us, baskets in hand, searching high and low, but to no avail. Nothing! And the one egg we did see (a 12 year old girl had found) was clear and hid under a bunch of leaves. I thought it was funny. Cole did NOT think it was funny. Pretty frustrating for a generation of "instant gratication please", and NOW! (;
Dinner was frozen pizza, salad, and some peanut butter eggs I had made...er, the Easter bunny had made the night before. No joke.

-Update: Dayne's cast was removed last week. She's doing well. A little weaker right leg, but healing fine. Our good friends from Fairbanks, AK (!!) came out for a quick visit. Wonderful friends offered to take our kids and Geof. and I drove up and had two wonderful days in D.C. with them (I'll post pics soon) and a day in Richmond. It was great! My knee surgery is tomorrow morning at 6am. No, I'm not nervous. I can't wait to feel better and MOVE MY BODY! AND...2 more weeks until school's out..until Fall. Can't wait.


Heidi Crosby said...

You look really pretty in that picture at the top, BTW.

Good luck with the surgery. Do you need anything?

You MADE peanut butter eggs? I've never done that. Wouldn't know where to start. Can you teach me?

Hurliman Family Blog said...

June looks so cute in your dog pile on daddy pic! she has changed so much!! meagan said Riley has June hair and I have to say I was happy with that statement because that is one of my favorite things about her.... You look darn good too!

GeorgeAndBethness said...

Darla, so glad to hear that your leg surgery went well. Also, that Dayne's on the mend. I wish I could have hid eggs for your (my) darling kids. Miss you all. You look darling in the top photos. Of course, everyone else shines as well. Mom