Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taking after Grandpa George

A few weeks back Geof. and I went and played with our friends the Averetts in D.C. We had some wonderful friends that offered to take our kids. Cole (and June, but she didn't make the cut for the blog post) stayed with our friends (and Geof.'s boss), Seth and Emily. They were brave enough (and smart enough if you know my Cole) to take them camping! They went out to Seth's parent's property outside of Charlottesville and apparently had a great time. And the best part is, Cole got to go fishing (just for fun..they threw them back in)! He LOVES fishing and remembers clearly the last time we went fishing at Seth's parent's home when he was 5. Are these pics not the greatest? Look at Cole's sweet face and toothless grin?!


Emily said...

great pictures, Cole's having the time of his life. And what beautiful surroundings. I want a pond and fields!

melissa said...

They are such cute pics. Cole is a great kid!